A little better now, mind

Saturday 27 September 2014, 2.20pm HKT

7.37am local time, 26°C (79°F), fine and sunny

BE me, gone AWOL for a whole month.

There’s been a near-constant pain inside me. It’s inside the lower part of my right shoulder blade. No idea why it’s happening.

I think I might have been rammed into by some random pedestrian, like the last time that left me with a split pelvis.

bloodshot eyes thenakedlistener 2014 0914 DSC4328

My adorable bloodshot eyeballs, still in their sockets

The pain burns at times.

First, I have this long-running arthritis problem on the whole of my left side, stretching from the shoulder area right down to the ankle. Now, this shoulder blade crap.

The pain isn’t worsening (the good news) but sure as heck isn’t getting any better (the bad news, I suppose). Most of the time, I’m actually okay about it. It’s bearable and no need for painkillers or sperm-destroyers.

There’s an old Irish saying: “Life’s a pike. It’s only smoke and wind.” Translation: Easy does it, easy does it.

Other than that, self-medication with a nice glass of 12-year-old scotch or brandy is much safer and more comforting.

“Only a man who doesn’t drink thinks coffee sobers you up.” (Humoresque, 1946)

fridge grub thenakedlistener 2014 0927 DSC4396

The fridge committed suicide. The grub’s totalled, totally. Lights on, but no cooling or freezing at all. It conked out last Friday (19 Sept). I got wind of this (excuse the pun) from the almighty stench wafting out from it. The thing’s only 13 years old.

Then all of a sudden the wretched thing respawned back to life two days later, and died again after a day or two. Fat lot that’s good for now…

Waiting for the new one to arrive. Another expense in this expense-ridden place called Hong Kong.

screencap sitting target 1972 DSC4392

Screencap of “Sitting Target” (1972, MGM, starring Oliver Reed, etc)

To ease my newly acquired shoulder pain, I’ve decided just to watch more TV. I’m already a couch potato as much as any human being could be, considering my life is one long emergency anyway.

I adore heroic WW2 movies because they’re so politically correct in a nice way, not like today’s PC-ness.

Then I fly off the handle and luurve violent movies from the 1970s with vicious London bastards in Marks & Spencer suits the likes of “Sitting Target” (1972) and “Get Carter (1971) — shame there ain’t many of them made.


Next Wednesday will be 1st October — National Day of the People’s Republic of China.

The PRC National Day is our overlord’s necessarily patriotic day of independence from running-dog reactionary capitalist imperialist forces — particularly those with inflation-adjusted monetary policies, non-means-tested free public healthcare, and better road surfacing technology.

This year’s National Day, there’s supposed to be some almighty protest or demo. Demo over what exactly, I couldn’t say for sure. And nobody I know seems to know either.

Interestingly, the next day (2nd October) will be Chung Yeung Festival, the Chinese version of All Hallows’ Day.

index cards thenakedlistener 2014 0927 DSC4397

Before the year is out, I’ll try to clear my backlog of unfinished writeups caused by my various ailments and a little bit by the pointlessly ‘improved’ WP user interface.


Images: All images by me, except communist party graphic via c4c.

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Six years here and a bit more besides

Wednesday 20 August 2014, 3.08am HKT

11.57pm local time (19 Aug 2014), 27°C (82°F), fine

object facts DSC4153

Dear all

I’ve been in pain. Physical pain.

My kneecaps and pretty much most of my left side are creaking like a pair of rusted-up pliers, which explains why I’ve gone AWOL for three or four weeks now.

I blame it on the weather: the soupy heat of Hong Kong summers and I have never really gotten on too well.

In other news…

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