Shouldering responsibility

Tuesday 21 October 2014, 5.47pm HKT

4.24pm local time, 26°C (79°F), fine and sunny

THE real reason I’ve been playing truant on my blog for such a long time:

I’m injured.

Don’t know how, but the pain in my right shoulder really hurts. I can’t lift my arm up to chest level, so keyboarding isn’t a doable thing right now.

(Well, you get the idea.)

Fortunately, my left arm is still operable.

gif sparkle butt slap via Imgur

Oh, yes, just a quick explanation about the last post. It was (how to put it) an “accidental discharge” from pressing the wrong button. *sigh* (You get the idea.)


Image via Imgur.

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Amended to fit in with the blog’s style and requirements (hah!):

Answer by The Naked Listener:

This question keeps showing up on my feed and it’s getting on my nerves (no offence to the asker, who is blameless for this), so I might as well answer it.

we will wok you

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