Why am I toying with this idea?

Friday 18 April 2014, 6.00am HKT

5.23pm local time, 26°C (79°F), overcast and cool

hopeless roy lichtenstein 1963 wikipedia

‘Hopeless’ by Roy Lichtenstein, 1963 (via Wikipedia)

HERE’S the thing, I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out how to write about this particular chapter of my life without turning it into a total bitch session.

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Official colour of 2014

Monday 14 April 2014, 8.56pm HKT

10.03am local time, 26°C (79°F), sunny and warm

IF you didn’t know years had official colours, then this news is old hat.

Pantone colours of past years

Last year we had a green hue that (for those old enough to know) was the colour of jealousy, but the world authority on colours decided to use the diplomatic name of Emerald instead. I know the colour of real emeralds and it’s not the same, but I’m happy with it still.

Last year had been a bad year and I couldn’t wait to move on to another colour.

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