Right arm in trouble

Wednesday 17 December 2014, 12.29am HKT

11.30pm, 15°C (59°F), cool and getting cooler

I’m writing this standing up because my right arm won’t go higher than mid-chest.

There is something quite wrong with my right shoulder and the hospital appointment couldn’t come quick enough.

The goddamn pain is indescribable. The pain isn’t there all the time, thankfully, but it does come and go when I try to stretch or move my arm or shoulder. The pain then spikes up and quickly goes into a throbbing sensation.

It’s the throbbing that hurts the most. You know, it’s like when you have a toothache. The ‘wung-wung, wung-wung’ sensation is the unbearable part of it all.

This kind of explains why I haven’t been blogging for such a long time. I know some of you (‘some’ being the operative word) are missing me and the crap I write (or pretend to write).

thenakedlistener IMG_20141211_193059

Notice how it’s thinning out…. bummer

Right now, I’m self-medicating with a very nice 700cc bottle of Jules Davet Napoleon VSOP Brandy (from the local supermarket) AND a 500cc bottle of Swedish Roslags Punsch (a kind of acacia honey and lime batavia arrak from IKEA).



Stops the pain, which is the whole point of the exercise … to live another day.

In other news…

Like you give a toss about our demos…

occupy central in cwb

For those living in primitive, uncivilised lands beyond the seas (e.g. the USA, UK and generally the First World), you be pleased to hear that our very own Occupy Central demo is still alive and well. Pictures will come soon, I hope.

For now, around 200 protestors near my place (see photo: at the white-light part) clean up their rubbish, form queues, let tourists to take nice photos, wear clean clothes, do homework (and visibly so), and no chanting — all in face of an outrageously unreasonable and menacing police force of 4 bored-stiff constables in shirt-sleeve order. Yup, it’s a definite riot all right.

As a sign of absolute anarchy and total disrespect for the authorities, I’ve actually sighted some demonstrators visibly doing forex and other financial transactions with their licensed banks and securities brokers on their wireless mobile devices. The nerve of the rabble!

Jesus F*cking H. Christ! What the hell are you guys reporting over there???

They’re bigger over there…

chick funk perspiration

The boobs. On the mainland birds. Mainland as in mainland China, birds as in chicks. They’re bigger over there. I just recently noticed this. Hey, c’mon, I’m a guy. What the hell did you expect?

Not the correct photo above. Will do better next post.


Later… ciao.


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The original Gerber baby

Thursday 20 November 2014, 12.01am HKT

original gerber baby

(Photo: Associated Press, via Imgur.com)

She is Ann Turner Cook , born today (20 Nov) in 1926.

This 88-year-old American great-grandmother is the original Gerber baby. She’s also a mystery novelist (as in mystery novels, geddit).

Man, they sure know how to pick a baby model in those days! She looks great even now.

As a Gerber baby myself, this woman is my hero.

She turned from a sketch into a person — how crazy is that…?

What the heck is a Gerber???

gerber baby food

(via business2community.com)

The food was … well … so-so, but the bottles were fantastic.

Give it a few more years and she’ll be back to eating Gerber herself and using diapers, if not already. (Sorry, just kidding.)

If she’s that old … R.I.P. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben

You can read about Gerber’s (not-such-a-big-deal) branding blunder in Africa.


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