What is your philosophical era?

Thursday 6 November 2008, 10.46am HKT

The Modern

13% Ancient, 6% Medieval, 50% Modern and 31% Post-Modern!

You are a Modern!

(Keep in mind, by Modern, I mean the era which began around the 17th century and ended in the 20th century.)

Throughout the Modern era, philosophers and scientists were forced constantly to do battle with the forces of censorship, philosophical conservatism, and pure inertia.This was the age in which “innovation” was a bad word, and the Moderns were all about innovation.

Despite all the opposition they faced, Modern philosophy is the most optimistic of any era. The Moderns seem really to have believed that, for instance, giving men freedom from kings and priests and tyrants will make men happier and better. Their goal was a political community based on reason.

But while some Moderns concentrated on becoming more and more scientific, rational and civilized, others, such as Wordsworth and Rousseau, reacted against this trend by turning back to what they saw as the pure, uncorrupted truths of nature.

However, the Romantic and the Scientific trends in Modernism are two sides of the same coin. The two are united in their disdain for the status quo and for social norms, and their search for more real, trustworthy truths upon which to build the new society they all dreamed of.

Some modern philosophers:

  • Newton
  • Voltaire
  • Bacon
  • Hume
  • Rousseau
  • Hobbes
  • La Rochefoucauld
  • La Bruyère
  • Darwin
  • J.S. Mill

Some modern artists:

  • Da Vinci
  • Molière
  • Shakespeare
  • Bernard Shaw
  • Mozart
  • Cervantes
  • Swift

Typical modern art forms:

  • opera
  • comic plays
  • portraiture
  • the concerto
  • the confessional memoir
  • descriptions of nature

Compared with other takers:

  • 92/100 You scored 50% on Modern, higher than 92% of your peers.
  • 68/100 You scored 31% on Post-Modern, higher than 68% of your peers.
  • 13/100 You scored 13% on Ancient, higher than 13% of your peers.
  • 11/100 You scored 6% on Medieval, higher than 11% of your peers.

(The ‘Find Your Philosophical Era’ Test)

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