No beauty queen this

Friday 13 March 2009, 8.20pm HKT

Only an idiot would want this woman …

Here is the listing (in case it gets removed from Craigslist:

HK Beauty Seeks A Superb Handsome WHITE Wealthy Gentleman for Marriage

Reply to:

Date: 2009-03-28, 11:05AM HKT

I believe that when THE MAN (my ideal great husband) can read this posting wherever you are then you can take the flight without delay. I understand that it is difficult or a dream for anyone to trust this posting and some might say it won’t be happened but when you believe that is true and we believe this will move forward with no BS. I promise you that I believe action speaks louder than words. Please do not waste of my time if you are not for real. I am not interested in datin’ games. I don’t care what people would say those are just their comments or jealous into this woman when they knew that this woman will be married with A Superb Handsome WHITE Wealthy Gentleman very soon?

If you are not serious then please do not reply this posting. Honesty I can’t be your mom. If you seek a woman (a wife) like your mom then I am sure that I can’t be your mom. You are ready getting into the plane and come to Hong Kong immediately (well, not with slow motion) for your sweetheart with all proofs. Please tell me something about yourself with recent photos, contact details and tel no. Without one of these then I assume that your message to me is SPAM. I knew that if you really read this posting then you can be serious with action. Yes, I’ve got many Spams what I knew here ! I am not interested in meeting the best of the cheaters. That’s why I made out all points to marry a man ! I hope you do not disappoint me. 

I wish A Superb Handsome WHITE Wealthy Gentleman – my future husband – you do not disappoint me. I do not listen some people words or comments, it is all about one relationship with my future husband for myself and my family. Are you the someone special for me to have marriage and develop a family with you ? You always love me and protect me; cares everything for me? 

You are : 

* You are personal financially very stable and secured. You are not using women and seeking women money – If you are, then NEXT. You are ready and can do anything right away for me once you got my emails. 

* If you come here only just for your business trip or just fun, not for me then please do not bother me. 

* You are ready to devote your life to establishing and building a strong relationship leading to marriage and to have our own beautiful babies together soon. Want to have 1-2 kids in the future who can learn and play with you. 

* Someone who is healthy and fit, not a drinker/smoker, no cigar and drug. 

* You’re willing to travel to Hong Kong and meet me in person as quick as possible in Hong Kong. 

* You appreciate “staying home woman” who can add values being with you but I am not your maid. 

* You can give and do everything what I need and want. You should / can afford the whole family and give your wealth, honey. 

* I have never married with no kids so I expect the same. If you are divorced, married or attached, stay away. Thanks. 

* You are not a big sport fans ! 

* You are in the age around 37-44; good and clean shape, laid back, WHITE, HANDSOME with full head of hair. 

* Easy to talk to but SERIOUS, CARING, RESPONSIBLE, ONE WOMAN MAN. YOU DO NOT TALK AND FOOL WITH OTHER WOMEN. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE HIV. I heard and seen there are so many men cheating on their half when they were living apart. I’ve even seen some married western women kissing others guys at the bars. I found it was very interesting of their pretended marriages with their honors and provided their cheats to other men or women ?!!! Those kind of people you should not trust in business or personal, honey. I can read their lies from their eyes and with my strong sense immediately. 

I am : 

* HKF, sexy, slim, honest, quite pretty but I am not a superstar ! 

* Can dress very casual to classy dress up. 

* I am looking for someone to have marriage who can be honest, sincere, caring and upfront with me; also you do not just say it with no action what I need you to do for me. 

* I am not into bar sense pretty much (once in a while is ok). I am not into any pity parties. 

* I don’t smoke, drink socially (maybe just a couple of beer or wine), no drug ! 

* I am in an international city (Hong Kong). I’ve got the mixed English accent. 

* I seek one man woman – not complicated. 

* Where I live is very important. I am willing to relocate for the RIGHT WEALTHY MAN who can do many things for me with action and wealth proofs, you have to arrange all things for me. You do not just say it with no action. 

I truly seek a great and real man for marriage and develop a family together with action to choose a very nice house in Hong Kong, the wedding rings, wedding dress and wedding place. Travel and live together. This photo is my real photo, I don’t want any guys coming to my way and tried to take advantages. I am very much looking forward to seeing you in Hong Kong. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo 


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2 Responses to “No beauty queen this”

  1. Vivien said

    wow…who doesn’t want to hv such man in their life


  2. What man doesn’t want to get rid of such a woman in his life … har har.


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