Rules of fashion according to /b/tards

Saturday 20 March 2010, 5.00pm HKT

Most fashion magazines don’t know shit about fashion. They’re mostly into accessorizing.

Here are the rules of fashion accord to our friendly neighbourhood /b/tards:

23 KBRule #1. The way you dress is the way you market yourself to the opposite sex. Take a look at the pic. The young man looks approachable and respectable. BUT OH NOES – HE’S WEARING A GRAPHIC TEE + BLAZER! Looking like this, the man will get more pussy than all of you put together (BTW, I’m talking about ATTRACTIVE women here; nerdy, artsy, fugly virgin girls don’t count :-)).

“I love how you guys complain about girls not wanting to sit next to you on buses. Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s because you look like you’re fucking 30. It’s creepy.

“My advice to you: STOP TRYING SO HARD. I’m not saying everybody go buy ironic tees, Lacoste polos, Hallister sweaters and cargo pants. When you’re out shopping, don’t do what /fa/ would think. Buy clothes that you are comfortable with. Don’t feel like wearing a scarf with your peacoat? Don’t wear it then. Want to wear light jeans and a graphic tee? Go right ahead.

“Just remember, if girls don’t want to sit next to you on buses, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!”

* * *

What’s with the bus fetish of yours?

Nobody’s ever said anything about buses, go back to /r9k/ or wherever you whiny faggots go. You’ve shown you know nothing about fashion, relationships, women, buses or /fa/. Quit projecting your problems onto us.

* * *

It’s like, dress like a prick (suit jacket and jeans, the worst combination ever) and you might get laid by some dumb fucking whore that doesn’t know fuck all about fashion and looking good.

And the OP… I’m assuming he’s one of the people that sees and a blazer and a pair of jeans and thinks…

People really take /fa/ as FACT OF LIFE rules? Hurr durr, take the advice with a pinch of salt and modify it to suit yourself.

When you ask for advice from anon under any circumstances, you’re asking for advice from grumpy anon, bored anon, downright honest anon, and somewhere in the mix, nice anon. Not everybody is telling the truth, the nice of nasty ones. But isn’t it more interesting to get a more honest opinion than you’ll get from your friends?

* * *

Change the sheep to dumb scenefags, ‘cool’ videogamers, goths, fat cosplayers and stupid hipsters and you are correct.

If you take this advice, you’re fucking retarded, FYI. And sage for obvious troll(s).

* * *

Change the sheep to dumb fat cumsluts who don’t want to post their pics (because they’re afraid of being mocked), ‘ugly’ videogamers (pimple faces), wannabe goths, batshit insane cosplayers and fags who pretend to be hipsters and you aren’t even close to /fa/ level yet. I wear clothes for my self actually…

* * *

The opposite sex is pretty much rule 3 to me:

Rule #1 – Dress how I want.
Rule #2 – Try to look better than everyone else.
Rule #3 – Dress well for the opposite sex.

* * *

My advice on fashun is to take chances, makes mistakes, and get wemon to sit next to you on the bus.

I dress like a hipster and plenty of chicks hit on me. And by hipster I mean western shirts, raw denim and plimsolls. Ironic t-shirts are passé.

By the way, guys, a blazer and blue jeans is a pretty okay casual combination. Fuck the “message” − it plain looks good. It’s not, however, good for anything formal.

* * *

(A) Style and fashion are different.

(B) Marketing yourself to the opposite sex is not the general aim of fashion. I mean, honestly, if we break down the demographics here, it would be better to say that you are marketing yourself towards the same sex. And that isn’t what fashion is, either.

And what the fuck is up with buses? I haven’t been on a bus in my entire life. I doubt I’m missing anything.

Also you don’t need to try too hard, but trying is what shows you care. That’s why some of us do it – to show the rest of the world that we do care. We care about how we look and what we present to the rest of the world. We take pride in how we look.

That, man, does not look “approachable and respectable.” He looks like a fob who got lost in the Salvation Army.

TL;DR: Fashion is culture writ small.

* * *

Elitism and snobbery? Ha-ha, you must’ve never been to honestforum and the fashion spot. It’s all smiles and virtually no negative criticism.

* * *

There’s only one rule to fashion, honestly. Wear what suits you. That way, you’ll always look good.

* * *

Styleforum is obviously filled with retards; this is the definitive proof we’ve all been searching for.

* * *

PROTIP: Never let a gay man dress you if you are heterosexual.

You’ll look like a faggot and everyone will assume you are gay. This is fine for the gay people that dressed you, but not if you’re hoping to get hot chicks. /fa/ is full of /fa/ggots as they are always more obsessed with fashion. Just be wary.

* * *

Yeah, because every fag is the same, and has the same taste, and because every cakeboy wants to be a girl.

Or were you forgetting that probably half of your /fit/ pals are gay? Gay for some nice bodybuilders in Affliction?

* * *

Ok, not everyone there dresses like that. That was just an example of a non-formal fit.

Yeah, most of their pieces are more expensive but you are paying for the quality, fit and brand exclusivity. Its
like … you could always wear a cheap T-shirt from American Apparel or something, but if you want to pull off a nice casual look, some thought has to go into it. A Dior tee or maybe RAF Simons tee would really show off your sartorial sense.

(via the chans, 18 March 2010)

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