Names, names, names everywhere

Wednesday 3 November 2010, 5.47am HKT

NAMES and high stuff from everywhere. Enjoy.



“Diadem of Slaughter”

“Harpoon of Sorcery”

“Prince Agility”

“Silver Beginning”

“The Traveller Draped in the Drapery of Chaos”




Ships and flotsam

“Floyd’s Desert”

“The Insane Revelation”

“Davy Jones’s Barnacle”

“Poseidon’s Plunger”

“Hades’ Foul Jewel”

“Calypso’s Cruelty”

“The Pride of Tortuga”

“The Hell-Born Compass”

“The Disgraceful Curse of the East”

“Plunderer’s Cutlass”


Places and realms

“West Sand Fief”

“Earldom of the Shroud”

“Marchessies of the Lightnings”


Pubs and taverns


“Inexpensive Sword Bar”

“The Casque and Lab”

“The Foul Craftsman Bar

“The Mean Owl Tavern”

“The Unquiet King’s Alehouse”

“The King’s Other Arm”

“The Queen’s Dick”


Western names

“Death” Davis

Charles Long “the Bully”


Outer planes

“Infinite Outlands”

“Battlefield of the Future”

“Decrepid Cities of the Greedy”

“Fifth Despicable Hell of Good”

“Three Sylvan Hills of the Wise”

“Forest of Fumblers”


Rooms and locations



“Asylum of Torture”

“Unholy Atrium”

“Oubriette of Redemption”

“Turret of the Tritons”

“Stairwell of Wisdom”

“Keep of Mirrors”


Eras and signs of the times

“The Age of Privation”

“The Age of Indescriminate Consumption of Nothingness”


Alternatives and rollovers

Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis) = Wild Wild West (1999, director Barry Sonnenfeld)

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) = Black Heaven (課長王子 Kachō-Ōji)

Dante’s La Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) = A Clash of Kings (George R.R. Martin)

American Gods (Neil Gaiman) = Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert A. Heinlein)

James Bond (Ian Fleming) = Re-Animator (1985, director Stuart Gordon)


Fusion classes

The Robovie

The Robovie

“Corporate Drifter”

“Media Sacrificer”

“Cult CEO”

“Accounting Butcher”

“Grave Linguist”

“Human Resources Robot”

“Psychiatric Zealot”

“Economic Torturer”

“Fear Sorceror”

“Royal Stockbroker”

“Mathematical Alchemist”

“Experimental Sociologist”

(Recognise anyone you know?)


Dark rituals

“Transfiguration of the Decrees of Falsehood”

“Inverted Communion of Chaos”

“Angel’s Incantation of the Unholy Monolith”



“Pedestrian evil” (vs. necessary evil vs. diabolical evil)

“Legitimate crime”


Moods and dispositions


“Vaguely confident”

“Loyal, which deliberately conceals being despairing”

“Sociable on the surface, but hostile underneath”

“… dark, moody but fun-loving …” (British personals ad)

(How’s yours?)


Praenomen and honorifics

“His Accidency” (John Tyler, 10th U.S. President, 1841-45)

“His Circumstance”

“Doctored Smith”

“Her Hideousness”

(What’s yours?)


Just a collection, ma’am, just a collection.


Photo credits (all images pilfered and used without permission):—

Diadem via Skyscrapercity | The Wanderer’s Tavern via GaiaOnline | Tritons via Call of the Sea | Robovie via Gizmodo via Pinktentacle via RobotWatch via Yomiuri Shimbun via Nikkei | Die Slow sign via Karachi at Metblogs


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