Trini joke

Thursday 4 November 2010, 4.13am HKT

Two Trinis wukkin’ in de same office.

One wanted some time off, but knew de boss wouldn’t allow him to take leave.

He decided to act crazy so de boss wud tell him to take a few deys off. He hung upside down from de ceiling.

So de other Trini ask him, “Whey you doin’?”

“Ah pretendin’ to be ah lightbulb so de boss will tink ah crazy and give meh time off for ah few days.”

Just then de boss walks in. “Whey de arse you doin’?”

“Ah is ah lightbulb,” the Trini say.

De boss then said, “Man, you stress out. You need ah few days off to recover. Go home and come back when youse feel better.”

De other Trini start walking out da door too.

De boss ask de other Trini, “Whey de hell you tink you goin’?”

De other Trini replied, “Ah’sa going home. Ah kant wuk in de dark.”

(For crying out loud, it’s a really bad joke.)

(via email, 04 Nov 2010)

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