The end is nigh, perhaps?

Tuesday 30 November 2010, 10.53am HKT

It’s been preoccupying my mind for some time now. I’ve been mulling over doing the same thing as Olga Lednichenko has done — packing it all in and scrubbing the blogs.

I don’t see any point in continuing the two (and only two) blogs that I run. The hits have been good and regular throughout, those who enjoy my insane writing outnumber the haters, and the fact that WordPress thoughtfully bumps my blogposts over to my Facebook newsfeed also pleases my friends and their friends.

Truth is, it’s been a case of too much time and effort for the return I’m getting.

Don’t misunderstand: it isn’t high hits I’m looking for. Quite the opposite.

It’s the slap in the face I usually get from readers who couldn’t be arsed to comment publicly but instead send me mind-numblingly long private email complaining about something.

For the life of me, I just can’t figure out why anyone would want to comment on my posts but not do it on the posts themselves.

Some of the complaints are quite insane, e.g. “Your posts are not in English” is quite usual. There are others not quite for public consumption. Altogether, I’ve gotten 2,500 comments since when the two blogs started a few years back. They aren’t spam either: they’re from actual, physically real people who answer back my email to them.

Why not comment on the comment form? “Don’t want to be disturbed.” (Srsly…)

Who are these people? Just who are they? To cut a long story short, I discovered those people mostly (but not all) are emailing me from Hong Kong IP addresses. It’s too much hard word to figure out if they really are Hong Kong people, so I’ll just assume they are.

That’s not really the major reason.

The actual reason I’ve been thinking about shutting down is that the two blogs is running in another direction, not one I wanted them to be originally. Combine that with the insane off-site email comments, and it isn’t hard to appreciate why I want to commit sui-blog-cide.

It just isn’t worth the time and effort and aggro to put up with people who won’t even go the extra mile to comment the default way.

Olga Lednichenko is more abrupt but more efficient. I’m more sentimental, so the lead time is longer.

Tentative date for blog deletion is 00.01 hours GMT on 1st January 2011.

In the meantime, there will be postings and things, just to keep things comfortable.

Or I may change my mind about the whole thing — that being one of the qualities of a flexible mind, so I’m told.

6 Responses to “The end is nigh, perhaps?”

  1. Guus said

    Ah, that would be a pity. Have always enjoyed reading you speak your mind as very few do. Obviously that kind of action provokes a reaction.

    How about posting the e-mailed comments yourself. If one is warned of this policy, the effect would be either:

    1) no more hate mail
    2) receiving comments directly


    • You know, Guus, only you and I in the whole wide world knows what to do and how to do it – the right way.

      Yes, I tried to post the comments out myself (which I will do soon, I promise). But it really isn’t that. It’s the kind of insane aggro I got that really opened my eyes about the people in my own town. That provokes one hell of a reaction, as you rightly say. My grandpa on my mum’s side always told us (the family) to speak up, speak out, speak for those who can’t speak, or “die for nothing.” Grandpa was as conservative as you could possibly get from someone born before the First World War.

      I’ve lived in “interesting” places like Beirut etc, and I could handle myself. But I ain’t like grandpa: I have my limits on taking too many slaps in the face.

      We’ll see, Guus, we’ll see who blinks first.


  2. Don’t go mate! I have only just found your blog in the past couple of months and it is great to read so I would miss it if it were gone now. I work as a chef and so I see people at their worst most of the time (i.e. full of booze and agro) so I understand how disheartening random criticism is. A bloke (in a pub) said to me one day- “Never worry about the people that just knock you. That’s easy. What is hard is to say something constructive.” Real compliments are hard to come by so they are far more valuable when you get them. Don’t give up on the great blog.


    • Thanks, man. I’ll try to think things through. It’s just that, all these years, for this blog and other things in life, it’s very easy to lose direction in this place called Hong Kong. The fabric of society here has changed, not for the better. It just gets harder and harder to pay attention to the world around me. I blog as an incidental to what I notice, which makes the whole exercise pleasing and entertaining to me, first, and often to others, afterwards. I’m losing that touch day by day. No, seriously, I’ll think things through.


  3. Yaxue C. said

    I am hopeful you are not leaving us–today is August 8, 2011, and you are still open and giving us gold. Please don’t. You can write two posts, or just one for that matter, a year, but please stay. I have just barely found you.

    What other blog? The “Learn English, or Starve”? I almost complained the other day that you were starving people to death.

    Okay, I don’t mind if you gather the bodies over there and close that shop, if you must. But not this one. Please. And this IS a threat :)


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