Roundup for Week 2

Wednesday 19 January 2011, 11.29am HKT

A roundup is long overdue and the below is for the week of 10-16 Jan 2011:

* * *


A quarter of Sri Lanka is under water and a million people displaced by floods. Not one single news agency or TV channel reported this earth-shattering news, with sole exception of France 24. All we got was crap news like Sarah Palin and her refudiatable “blood libel” phrase — as if we cared.

(Back in 2008, they said a third of Sri Lank would go under water once India completes cutting the catastrophic Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project. Well, they don’t have to do that anymore.)

* * *

Hong Kong’s education authority won’t budge from its mad policy of “mandatory” [sic: compulsory] drug testing of schoolchildren in certain school precincts. Lots of nice-sounding PR spiel about the various safeguards in operating the drug tests. Pointless. We all know teachers are the biggest drug users; it’s just not the kind of drugs we think they’d take.

* * *

Tunisia reels under a fortnight of riots because of politics and its unpopular president (now since exiled). What the news didn’t tell you was the riots were actually over skyrocketing food prices that came to a head around two months ago. (The Naked Listener actually got in touch with Tunisian people, on the ground in Tunisia, for the lowdown.)

Corollary: Food prices have been rising fast in mainland China for two or three months already. Food prices are rising in Hong Kong as well — you’d notice if you do your own groceries.

* * *

Hong Kong politician Szeto Wah dies at a ripe old age (79). The longtime democracy activist and ex-schoolmaster got little respect from the powers-that-be in his living years. Now that he’s kicked the bucket, we’re seeing various people coming out of the woodwork to pay their ‘respects’ at his funeral. Shameless.

* * *

Hong Kong’s No. 2 ranking civil servant is showing much the same disgraceful behaviour as the people he was complaining about. Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang, GBS, JP (born 1952), was telling (telling off?) the so-called post-80s generation of Hong Kong youngsters to listen and be more circumspect of different viewpoints when forming opinions “or it will lead to destruction.”

Yeah, right. As if the government itself actually pays an iota of attention to the sentiments and sensibilities of the populace.

You (and your minions) need to be a little more responsible and watch how you carry yourself in public, Henry.

* * *


“Just tell them the things you did right and leave the rest out! You’re throwing your career away.”

(Two friends, one a police-something, the other a civil servant-something, one advising the other on how to deal with a police enquiry: McDonald’s, 10 Jan 2011, 10pm)

* * *

“Do you know what ‘egotistical’ means?”

“Yeah, I see it all time time ever since I came back.”

(McDonald’s, 03 Jan 2011, 7pm)

* * *

“What does looking good have to do with dying?”

(Woman doing her makeup at a restaurant, 02 Jan 2011, 1.15am)

* * *

“Those who don’t play [around] when they’re young will want to start playing around by their 40s or something.”

“Some don’t like playing, some like it but never played.”

(Group of thirtysomething women, 06 Jan 2011, 5.30pm)

N.B. The Cantonese word ‘play’ (玩, waan) also means to ‘socialise’ or ‘fool around.’

* * *

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3 Responses to “Roundup for Week 2”

  1. Guus said

    Strange in a way that a blog like yours needs to bring a sense of perspective to the news. In Singapore it’s terrible, the news is all property prices, little tweaks in regulations, speeches of officials and the like.


    • I wouldn’t have done a roundup if the current crop of journalists actually tried to do their jobs for a change, instead of just recycling flacks (press releases) as news stories. The point being this: if these two or three stories make it into my roundup, you can be sure they’re kinda important.


  2. Guus said

    Maybe you should start giving out press releases… ;-)


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