Roundup for Week 4

Tuesday 1 February 2011, 1.49am HKT

Roundup for the week of 24-30 Jan 2011.

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Protests dans le style tunisien erupt all over Egypt against authoritarian rule and economic mismanagement. Some punters think a revolution is in the offing in the Middle East. I think the food situation there is starting to get out of hand.

Al Jazeera TV network showed live footage of State Police beating the bejesus out of “rioters” (who are not)  in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez before Al Jazeera was unceremoniously cut off by State Police personnel busting into the news offices.

Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities flipped the Internet kill switch, completely cutting off the country from the rest of the world. Way to go, dickheads, the best way to anger everyone.

Police presence (including traffic wardens) evaporates from all major cities soon afterwards, leaving civilians to fend for themselves. Egyptian cities quickly descend into lawlessness, no thanks to plainclothes policemen operating on their own as looters and thugs.

Similar protests have now spread to Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen.

Wouldn’t you know it, not a word on the main news in Hong Kong. Some “Asia’s World City” we’ve got.

(The Naked Listener was unable to contact his old schoolmates in Egypt.)

If you want to continue running a country with the goodwill of the people, Mr Government, you need to be a little more responsible in the way you govern.

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Family squabbling over the wealth of still-alive, multi-spoused casino moghul Stanley Ho is fast becoming a live Asian version of TV show Dallas.

First, Ho was suing his three wives and 17 Canadian children for wresting control of a holding company that controls his wealth. Then he goes on TV to say he had given written permission for the share transfer — and had sacked the lawyer he had hired to contest the dispute. A few hours later, a writ of summons was filed in the High Court formally stating the original claim.

Ho have said on and off the record that he wishes his estate to be evenly divided among his children. Trouble is, Ho is still alive. Trouble is, the children might not like such an equitable arrangement. Not when money and commercial interests are involved.

Such joyous entertainment for the rest of us. Get your act together, mate.

* * *

File-hosting service has a lawsuit on its hands, that is, if the plaintiffs are ever able to track down Hotfile’s principal officers.

American movie studio Liberty Media filed suit on 6th Jan 2011 against Hotfile and 1,000 of its users for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement and wants statutory damages of US$150,000 per infringed work. Liberty says it discovered more than 2,400 links to 800 Liberty titles stored on Hotfile but “cleverly avoids cataloging or indexing the files,” the lawsuit states. Also named as defendants are Paypal and Lemuria Communications.

Hotfile is allegedly owned by a Russian named Anton Titov, who is allegedly a resident of Bulgaria and the Netherlands as well as of Florida state in the USA. Hotfile is said to be a Panamanian company with no physical presence there but runs servers in three locations in the USA.

Paypal is named in the suit on the basis that it offers financial services to Hotfile, Titov and Lemuria Communications. The suit claims Lemuria Communications to be Hotfile’s webhost and an alter ego of Anton Titov.

* * *

As an example of over-the-top snobbery, you can now shoot partridges and pheasants in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong (formerly Canton).

The Glenderry Country Club at Pine Valley just outside Zhuhai organises specially escorted ‘drives’ for the couldn’t-wait-to-be-an-English-gentleman types. Prices start at RMB 320 yuan (US$49) per bird (minimum 60 birds with minimum number of shooters in a group). At that price, the crowd with more money than taste could fly to Scotland and shoot down RAF jet fighters for all they like. Make sure you shoot pheasants, not peasants.

Is there no end to how brain damaged people could get?

* * *


“The more quotations you put in, the more it means you’re unable to come up with your own ideas and have to depend on others to do the talking for you. That doesn’t sound like someone who is capable of making ‘an original contribution’ to the field of study that a doctoral thesis requires.”

“The more quotations, the more you’re bringing in — like Rob says all the time — THEIR cancer into your work.”

“You have references and citations already — aren’t they enough? If not, then what IS being asked for?”

“If you don’t realise this by now, you’re not ready for Ph.D. yet.”

(Friends of a Ph.D. candidate, last comment by yours truly, 27 Jan 2011)

* * *

“I must have been living here for too long. I don’t use ‘please’ nearly as much as I used to.”

(Overheard at McDonald’s, 12 Jan 2011)

* * *

Johnny: Why are they targeting the young?

Friend: So they can say, ‘We got the power to remove your ability to have descendants.’

Yours truly: You old guys might not be afraid of death, but we will own your young so that you would be dying for nothing.

Johnny: !

(While watching the Egyptian protests on TV, 28/29 Jan 2011)

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