Social Media Week: Geek Chic

Sunday 13 February 2011, 4.16am HKT

At the time of writing (Sat 11 Feb 2011), The Naked Listener was DUI. Sobered a bit now.

* * *

Just been to Social Media Week‘s Geek Chic blogging conference at The Mira. Actually, it’s more of a casual get-together and therefore much more productive.

If I’m not quite making sense (because of the gazillion typos here), then forgive. The geek chic set (plus the geek chicks, who aren’t literally geek chicks) were in serious attendance. This kinda reminds of London, but it’s hard to explain how.

Cool people tonight — you know who you are (not in any particular order):

• Marianne Bunton of Redress organised this event. She is srsly friendly, and what more could you ask for in an event organiser?

• Junji Yamaguchi was the only face I recognise there. Srsly, if anyone like me could recognise a face, it’s got to be famous. Yamaguchi-san was tastefully low-key, which suggests he’s famous. Very modest about himself being a known fashion designer in London.

• Denise sort of from New York works with Yamaguchi-san: seriously the best-looking and with the most presence there (totally sloshed, but that doesn’t affect my sight via bifocals).

• Eugene K. knows a thing or two about Hong Kong that you wouldn’t expect.

• Jacqueline K., super friendly, as was her boss (sorry! I only recalled his last name!).

(Of course, I’ve walked right into the wall here after saying Denise had the most presence, so now I’ve got to dig myself out of the proverbial hole by saying explaining Jacqueline equally had the most presence there but in a different way — which IS true, by the way.)

(Having said that, I just realised I’ve walked into another wall with respect to Clara S. (below), but then again, Clara’s different in a different, nice way.)

• Clara S. owns seriously great ‘love handles” that you couldn’t possibly imagine — and I hope Peter Fonda didn’t mind too much feeling her up right in front of him — sorry, PF, nothing intentional!

(If I were a chick, PF is seriously on my to-do list! Relax! I spent my formative years in Italy, where we check out guys too, you know!)

(CS, just excuse the ‘whatevers’ on the booze and darbs please! Srsly.)

• Jonathan W., photographer at a Hong Kong broadsheet, with his unmistakably Midlands accent. Very affable gentlemen, nothing like the other ‘newspaper’ photogs.

(J, if it isn’t a Midlands accent, I do apologise, but it really did sound like one.)

• Jason C., multimedia editor at an American newspaper, really knew how to put people at ease — an uncommon quality.

• Vehka H., also at the American newspaper, reminded me of London no end.

Designer Chris C., whose two-day (three?) shadow was deeply impressive and could make any bloke green with envy. No, his T-shirt was seriously cool.

Artist Zoey from the UK — seriously, she’s already an artwork herself.

• Brian Y. runs a modelling agency and probably has a few other enterprises going, as all good entrepreneurs do.

And loads others whose names have escaped me for the moment.

• Last but not least, Connie Kwan and Phoebe Hung of the sales and marketing team at The Mira who took time away from their busy work to yap with me in the rabbithole.

(Umm, nope, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures there. A bit out of character for me. Next time.)

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