Tip of the Tongue for Week 7

Tuesday 22 February 2011, 6.00pm HKT

Roundup of things overheard or read for the week of 14-20 February 2011.

* * *

“You’re willing to sleep with him? In that case, you can sleep for a better job than that.”

(McDonald’s, 9.58pm, 14/2)

* * *

“If you ever have to deal with a person like yourself, be sure to have a Plan B.”

(McDonald’s, 9.50pm, 14/2)

* * *

“Real confidence tricksters are upper-class people.”

(L.A., 12/2)

* * *

“He’s journalisty in looks … loves taking on responsibility … loves classical things … an extrovert … because without responsibility he feels a bit lost and lack confidence in front of others.”

(Two people having ice cream together, about a mutual friend, McDonald’s, 9.40pm, 12/2)

* * *

“Practice makes perfect, right? These people don’t believe in it. They want to be perfect first and then practise.”

(6.38pm, 15/2)

* * *

“Success and likeability is positively correlated for men, negatively correlated for women.” — Stupid well-dressed woman on TED talk

(Hat tip to Kristi M., 14/2)

* * *

“Drop dead! You were f**king her while you texted me that Valentine’s message! No wonder it sounded so good.”

(6.41pm, 15/2)

* * *

See people, meet people, the first chance you get. More so in your young years, your living years. They, and those years, will never come again.”

(Cafeteria, 8.45am, 16/2)

* * *

“Most men mistake an angry bitch for a chick with a wild side.”

(McDonald’s, 9.53pm, 16/2)

* * *

“We’re the police. We’re not in the revenge business.”

(Two cops, 17/2)

* * *

“You’re talking to a biker, who’s born to take things to the next level.”

(10.50pm, 17/2)

* * *

“I haven’t seen A— or B— in weeks. Where the hell have they disappeared to? Can you check if they’ve died or something? Tell them I won’t be able to make it to their funerals as I’m busy at the office.”

(1.43pm, 16/2)

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4 Responses to “Tip of the Tongue for Week 7”

  1. I allow myself to eat McDonald’s once a month. there are days I crave for a cheese burger…and i love milkshake with fries!!!


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