Tip of the tongue for Week 8

Monday 28 February 2011, 10.12pm HKT

Overheard or read for the past week of 21-27 February 2011.

* * *

“People in front of tanks were crushed. The unity of China was more important than those people on Tiananmen Square. […] When Tiananmen Square happened, tanks were sent in to deal with them. It’s not a joke. I will do whatever it takes to make sure part of the country isn’t taken away.”

(Colonel Ghadhafi in a long, defiant speech,
vowing to die as a martyr and threatening to execute protesters
and send in tanks to cleanse Libya ‘house by house,’ via Shanghaiist, 22/2)

* * *

“I took all this in within a second then glanced back at her. I almost had to bend double to get my face close to hers, she was so little. Her face was a web of lines, crinkling up from the eyes and curving all around her mouth. Looking at her I felt reassured in my determination to be not as afraid of the ravages of old age as the skin care adverts want me to be. It was clear the lines had been worn by the laughter of a lifetime’s good experiences rather than by its cares. It was a comforting thought, knowing that one day I will be the older lady in this scene, speaking to a younger girl who will maybe understand, maybe won’t. The young are always too self-absorbed to hear the wisdom of the old, even when there is the benefit of a shared language.”

(via ten minute hate, 24/2)

* * *

“You see, my trouble with opportunities is that if they aren’t the opportunity I want, then I don’t think of them as any kind of opportunity at all.”

(via Another Day, Another Face, 23/2)

* * *

“Be yourself. And don’t be an idiot.”

(advice to nervous men trying to get a date, Sakurasaurus, 23/3)

* * *

“I drink to make other people interesting.”
— George Jean Nathan

(hat tip to Suicide Girl, 23/2)

* * *

“Beware of leaders who refer to themselves in the third party.”

(Yehoshua Z., 23/2)

* * *

“49 degrees latitude, 360 degrees attitude!”

(tagline to raincoaster’s blog, 23/2)

* * *

“I’m not sad or angry for long. After a short while, it’s time to move on, or get even.”

(overheard, place unrecorded, 27/2)

* * *

“I’m only following your example. You taught me. I learnt this from you. You might not mean it that way, but it comes out the same.”

(overheard, place unrecorded, 20/2)

* * *

Some places simply don’t have the right atmosphere for stirring up different ways of looking at the world around us:

“Hong Kong is quite a hard place to think even slightly creatively, and this is mainly because the place is so small and brimming with people, all fighting for air. A place like that, with everyone competing for control of some kind, means there’s a lot of backstabbing and office warfare going on. In this respect, Hong Kong is almost identical to New York. The only difference is New York is much more flexible in the ‘people politics’ game, even though we seem to think we’re better at this than the Americans.”

(conversations, 9.46am, 24/2)

* * *

“Oh God! Not another confusing English word with confusing Chinese meanings that confuses Chinese people…”

(friend, on the word ‘ethnic,’ whose multiple meanings in English
don’t quite match any of the Chinese ones, 24/2)

* * *

“Yeah, I know, rich people wear real jewellery — yeah, but didn’t you notice on what occasions? Silver and gold, aren’t they real jewellery too?”

(McDonald’s, 10.11pm, 24/2)

* * *

“What a snotty little bitch so young!”

(two twentysomethings, after standing next to
a teenage girl with a bossy expression on her face
and ostentatiously reading an English novel in front of their faces,
on the train, 26/2)

* * *

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2011.

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  1. Julia Smith said

    Thanks for the link!


  2. ahah i love the snotty little bitch one. ive overheard kids on the train like that. brilliant!!


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