Shoe paradise

Saturday 30 April 2011, 8.46am HKT

For some people I know who are into all things Japanese.

(Click on image for larger photo)

Osaka, Japan

Name two things these ladies have in common.

If you can’t see it, you’re not paying enough attention at the right things.

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Facebook security problem (again)

Friday 29 April 2011, 7.20pm HKT

Hackers are at it again, this time trying get password resets to your Facebook accounts. The last time this happened on a large scale was around March 2010. This time the exploit seems a little more sophisticated.

What’s taking place

Anytime now, you’ll be getting a Facebook email with subject line “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” or “You requested a new Facebook password” or variations of them.

The email is FAKE, but the language and links look very legit. One version reads like below (only for your information, don’t click on the links below):

You recently asked to reset your Facebook password. To complete your request, please follow this link:

Alternately, you may go to and enter the following password reset code:


Please note: for your protection, this email has been sent to all the email addresses associated with your Facebook account.

*Didn’t Request This Change?*
If you did not request a new password, let us know at:

The Facebook Team

It’s actually impossible to tell if the message is spoofed or if Facebook got ‘engineered’ into sending out a legitimate notification. Either way, the solution is to work only with Facebook Help Center at the Facebook site itself.

Workaround solution

  1. Don’t click on any link in that email.
  2. Don’t download any attachment that the email contains.
  3. Ignore and bin the email.
  4. Go to your Facebook account, change your login email, and change your password.
  5. Inform Facebook of the exploit and disavow the password reset using only Facebook’s own Help Center.
  6. Done!

The password reset exploit was last seen around March 2010. That time, the exploit was a straight fake email containing a downloadable keylogger or virus. But this time, Facebook itself might have been fooled into issuing legitimate notifications.

If your account still ends up getting hacked, reclaim your account by following the directions on this Facebook help page.

Be sure to let your friends know about the email scam so they don’t become victims as well.

Updated 11/11/2011:
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Sloshed but clear…

Friday 29 April 2011, 4.51am HKT

It’s 4.05 am on Friday 29/4 and I’m seriously sloshed (i.e. drunk). After the end of this post, I wouldn’t have known what the heck I’ve blogged. Forgive and forget. Ignore typos, because I’m sloshed.

I just been to the bc Unplugged gig at The Wanch, featuring Sue Shearman, Lani Giro and the Tick Tock Museum.

Highlights: Tick Tock Museum was really the highlight. Great potential, if only they realised it. They don’t have the “edge” yet, but it’ll come with the right “push.” God, they could be soooo good.

In case I never made this public (here or elsewhere), I *did* work for a short while in talent management. I know a good thing when I see one. Tick Tock has “it.”

Here are some pics of the evening (below).

Apologies for the quality, angle, resolution, etc. of the pics. I was already sloshed at the time (as I am now).

On the left, Ah Gau (“The Nine”? — couldn’t possibly be “The Dog”…) with the electric guitar (and she’s ain’t bad) and Sony Cheng on the right in the green cardigan. I can’t remember the lead vocal (centre) — because I was sloshed (as I am now).

(Person in the white tee with the back towards us is Sue Shearman.)

Noooo, it’s not because Tick Tock’s a girl band. (Well, yeah, it is, but it’s not.) It’s because they could go far. FAR.

So there. Hic!

My lords, ladies and gentlemen, and all you who are not sitting on a cushion, Tick Tock’s the name, indie rock’s the game — they’re beauts, they’re cutes — they’re the action, they’re your traction — the Dames of the Untamed, the Defenders of the Fenders, the Lassies of Nasties — aaiiiiI giiiiiive you thaaa Tiiiiiiick Tooooock Muuuuuuseum!

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Last updated 29 April 2011.

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