Gigs, wigs and sprigs I wanna go to

Tuesday 26 April 2011, 3.07am HKT

EASTER IS OVAH, baby. Time to traipse around town and go to some gigs, pip’l.

But first things first, new glasses to order from the opticians…

Yup, you guessed it, I’m going blind because of my constant fapping (i.e. masturbation) over IPO prospectuses and final balance sheets at work.

The Oggle Goggle Lineup

Either this (‘The Toffee’)

Or this (‘The Anticyclone’)

Or THIS (‘The Prisoner’)

They’re all made by Eye’DC of France, by the way. Frames each priced around HK$2,200 (US$283 or £172).

Betcha don’t know which one I like best. (Leave comments below to find out.)

* * *

The Gigs Lineup

Not very ambitious, I have to say. Just out-of-the-ordinary gigs I’d reckon worth paying a visit, just to do somethingck dif’rent to get away from it all in this pathetic, as-cultured-as-the-parched-desert-sands town we call home.


Jam Night with Bambi Capito
8pm Mon 25/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.

The Wanch
54 Jaffe Road
Hong Kong
Tel. 2861 1621

* * *

The Deckz or Dollarz Show with Beatmassa
11pm (3pm GMT) Mon 25/4 @ NSB Radio

* * *


Shazza Music Showcase
9am Tue 26/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.

Featuring original music by White Dimension, Refry, Amino Shower and Narcissus. It’s on at 9 in the morning. Maybe a bit early for some.

* * *


Tommy Chung and Heather Lowe (9pm) / Kongo Rikishi (11pm)
9pm Wed 27/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.

Blues rock with Tommy Chung. Show opener is original acoustic music by Heather Lowe (who should change her name to Heather Love instead for marketing exposure).

* * *

Destroyed HK’s Wanchai Wednesday, Part IV
10pm–4am Wed 27/4 @ Xperience. Five-hour open bar HK$150. Ladies free for first 40.

Miko Van Chong (HKG) and Casey Anderson (USA), well-known for their DJing skills in venues across Hong Kong, including YUMLA, Philia, Bassment Bar, Club Space and of course those famous DESTROYED HK Beach Parties!

Open bar 10pm to 3am. Gents HK$150. First 40 ladies free, $20 each afterwards.

(near Typhoons and next to Swindlers)
Ground Floor
Asia Orient Tower
33 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel. 2143 6008

* * *


bc Unplugged ft. Sue Sherman, Lani Giro and TickTock Museum
8pm Thu 28/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.

A must attend. Sue Sherman‘s music doesn’t mince words. Lani Giro is ‘it’ for those who are into electric guitars. TickTock Museum is a Hong Kong girls band, so that’s already worth it.

* * *


(The day of the Royal Weddingggggggggg)

The rejectbeats Show with Danny Reject and Kimpossible
2am Fri 29/4 (7pm GMT Thu 28/4) @ NBS Radio

Sixty-nine this year, bro

* * *

BBC Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale
9am (2am GMT) Fri 29/4 @ BBC Radio 1

Beats the f**king crap that most Hongkongers listen to. And this from a 69-year-old English DJ. You local DJs are soooo busted.

* * *

Royal Wedding TV coverage (live)
3pm (8am GMT) Fri 29/4 on everybody’s telly.

* * *

Hot House (9pm) / Burning Wheel (11pm)
9pm Fri 29/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.

Rock n’roll night of classic rock with Hot House, followed by hard rock with Burning Wheel.

* * *


The Essential Selection with Pete Tong
4am Sat 30/4 (9pm GMT 29/4) @ BBC Radio 1

* * *

You'd better turn up for this one

Destroyed HK’s 2nd Annual Secret Beach Party
3pm–1am Sat 30/4 @ The Lanai Beach Club, Stanley

The Lanai Beach Club
St. Stephen’s Beach
(opposite Stanley Military Cemetery)
Stanley, Hong Kong

Location map:

  • 7+ different DJs
  • 9 hours’ open bar (starts 3pm till midnight or when run out)
  • Discounted price for people arriving before 6pm
  • Arriving before 6pm: ladies HK$250, gents HK$300
  • Arriving after 6pm: ladies HK$280, gents HK$340
  • Free gift for first 300 guests
  • In case of rain, party postpones to next Saturday (check event page for details closer to the party date)

DJ lineup:

  • DJ Jumbo [JPN]
  • Paul Scot [UK]
  • FAAK [FRA]
  • Casey Anderson [USA]
  • Miko Van Chong [HKG]
  • DJ BLG [BLG]
  • Celebrity Pool Boy [CAD]
  • Pretty Colors [HKG]
* * *
Don’t Panic
6pm-midnight Sat 30/4 @ The Wanch. No cover charge.
  • Acoustic Jam with Dave Colquhoun (6-9pm)
  • Go Commando (9pm)
  • Bank Job (11pm)
  • Blues Expresso (midnight)
* * *

Sushi Robot / Logo / BLaK
9.30pm Sat 30/4 @ Xperience. Free entry.

Sushi Robot (a.k.a. Simon Griffin) with local acts Logo and BLaK.

  • Sushi Robot (a.k.a. Simon Griffin) — electronic, breakbeat, drum & bass
  • Logo — psychedelia pop punk
  • BLaK — electronic, destroy & create
* * *

Insenses EKLECTRONIC Club Night
10pm Sat 30/4 @ Insenses. Free entry.

Bassment, now called Insenses

Insenses (formerly Bassment Bar) is again holding the “fabulously named” night of offbeat DJs and live percussionists. Not to be sniffed at. And international beers for HK$30 a shot (US$3.85 or £2.33). Not to be sniffed at either.

  • Tie One Toe
  • Barnaby Bruce
  • Jim Browski
  • Kumi Masunaga (of Drum-Jam, Hong Kong’s only drumming company!)

And you read it right — it’s EK-LEC-TRONIC.

Lower Ground Floor
13 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
Tel. 6423 1952

* * *


The M Shift welcomes back JPL (from The Biggest Loser house!)
2-6pm Australia Sun 01/5 @ Duke’s Lounge

Duke’s Lounge <— way cool
153 Avoca Street
Sydney NSW
Australia <— meh, it’s okay

* * *


Mother’s Day Concert
7.45pm Tue 03/5 @ HK Cultural Centre, Concert Hall. Free entry.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre 香港文化中心
10 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. 5301 0741

Location map [here]

* * *


The Underground Compilation CD4 — Launch Party “A”
10pm–1.30am Fri 06/5 @ Backstage. HK$150 or HK$250.

  • Purple Eye — mysterious adventures in acoustic sound
  • Dark Himaya — dark mix of grunge, pop rock, jazz and atmosphere
  • Senseless — energetic poppy punkie Cant0-rock!
  • 9 Maps — modern folk and a little bit of indie rock and touch of jazz
  • Brothers of Roadkill — guitarless melding of jazz, R&B, blues, Motown and rock
  • Sushi Robot — electronica, breakbeat, drum & bass

Backstage Live Restaurant
1st Floor, Somptueux Central
52-54 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Hotline 9486 4648

  • HK$150 for one night (one CD, one Asahi beer, optional lucky draw)
  • HK$250 for two nights (one CD, one beer each night, two optional lucky draws)
* * *


The Underground Compilation CD4 — Launch Party “B”
8.30pm–11.30pm Sat 07/5 @ Hard Rock Cafe. HK$150 or HK$250.

  • Shotgun Politics — power of pop, mayhem of metal, devastatingly energetic
  • FAD — “British. Faddish. Alternative. Naive. Taste like a cream tea, bittersweet but not a symphony.”
  • Corey Tam — folk rock trio, sombre vocal melodies, intricate guitar hooks
  • Helter Skelter — foot-stomping rock, blues-based riffs, energy-infused performances, infectious melodies
  • Six Packs of Wolves — punk rock meets poetry

Hard Rock Cafe
Lower Ground Floor, LKF Tower
55 D’Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong
Hotline 9486 4648

  • HK$150 for one night (one CD, one Asahi beer, optional lucky draw)
  • HK$250 for two nights (one CD, one beer each night, two optional lucky draws)
* * *

Supersonic / The Likely Lads / DJ Harry Lime
10pm–4am Sat 07/5 @ Insenses. Entry $100, open bar $200 (till 2am).

A night for the vinyl-minded crowd. Dedicated the best days of Britrock before Coldplay and the 1997 handover. You’ve got to be right barmy not to turn up.

* * *

Wanna come with?

You know the score. You just don’t turn up at gigs on your own. Bong! Bong! Bong! Noob. Derp.

I’ve got couple of people in mind to take with. Top of list are RZ, VA, KK and CL. I kind of also half expecting all of them to decline over some lame excuse about their swotting for some finals or whatever. The operative word being ‘whatevah.’

It’s amazing the rate at which lame excuses get recycled all the time. I mean, how many hours in a day do you have to keep swotting or working or do somesuch stuff anyway? At some point, you’ve got to stop and take a break, right? I mean, if you could spend time on Facebook, why not spend it on a real event? Namsayin’?

You wanna come with? I’m game. You let me know NOW.

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  • Annie Nightingale via BBC Radio 1
  • Destroyed HK 2nd Annual Secret Beach Party via Destroyed HK
  • Bassment Bar (now Insenses) via OpenRice

15 Responses to “Gigs, wigs and sprigs I wanna go to”

  1. Woman said

    Sometimes I miss having these kinds of options on a daily basis!!!! You are not doing anything for the May 1st holiday? Does HongKong celebrate Labour Day? And another question, if you do celebrate it, do you get seven days off like us? You go to the bar, I am going out to the desert for a bonfire and booze.

    And is masturbating for peace causes blindness in men, is it the same in women?


    • May 1st is a public holiday here – just one day! Lucky you with seven! I don’t think Hongkongers would be in any mood to celebrate Labour Day, mainly because a new labour law called the Minimum Wage Ordinance comes into force on that day. Basically, the law’s a disaster and would cause lots of people’s pay to be docked.

      Like all printers around the world, I’ll be in the office, which is why I’ll be listening to the radio and watch TV while I wait hand and foot on my clients.

      Hmm, I’m not sure I’m fapping for peace, but I’m certainly fapping for properly formatted balance sheets. Go figure.


    • Woman said

      Fap all you can… while you can over what you can! Now I want to sing can can can you do the can can. Ruddy brain. And I forgot to mention, I thought the glasses in this post were neat!!! It is still a shame I have to pretend to be an adult while at work. Otherwise, I’d wear them!


    • I know what you mean about pretending to be an adult at work. It’s the “uniform,” isn’t it? And pretty pointless, mainly because it makes so little impact most of the time. Having said that, frames like those at RMB 2000+ pretty much puts anyone in the adult/mature/responsible category, if you ask me.


  2. Woman said

    What??? People would spend 2000+rmb on a pair of sixty-nine frames??? Holy smokes!! Nevermind. I will go without the wonky frames! Do you think I could haggle the price a little?

    And the work clothes might have to look sensible. But it’s what other cannot see that determines how much fun you are on the inside.


    • Yeah, the frames are priced around HK$2,200, excluding cost of lenses (another HK$1,000) – that’s RMB 3,000. Pretty steep, if you ask me. I’m still looking around – I’m just want some really super chick, funky frames. At that price level, I’m willing to fish around. Right now, I’m thinking of these Alain Mikli ones (I’ll post photos later).

      > it’s what other cannot see that determines
      > how much fun you are on the inside.

      That’s damn true.


    • Shame you’re 1300 miles away in Beijing from HK. I much rather go to those gigs with you – ‘cos you sound like a “next-level” sort of person and right proper partygoer.


    • Woman said

      LOL!!! I do not live in Beijing! I live in Inner Mongolia. Which is more nifty than Beijing. What does “next-level” mean?


    • thenakedlistener said

      Sorry, I meant Inner Mongolia! I can’t imagine what came over me to think you’re in Beijing.

      “Next-level” comes from the movie “Night at the Museum: The Battle for the Smithsonian.” Ben Stiller was haggling with the Pharaoh. Ben Stiller tried to buy time from being killed. He said to the Pharaoh, “You look like someone who’d take things to the next level, a next-level kind of guy…” So there.


  3. Woman said

    HA! I can so use this as an example in class!!! Sorry. We are doing media’s influence on the English language. Perfect example!!! Merci buttocks!


  4. With reference to our April 26 2011article titled “The Oggle Goggle Lineup”, can I know which optician stocks the Eye’DC range of frames please.
    Thank you very much.


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