Will you help me choose my logotype/seal?

Thursday 19 May 2011, 7.13pm HKT

Not normally a person who can’t decide (BrE) / make decisions (AmE) for myself, here are a dozen seals (logotypes) I’ve made for this blog just for the lulz.

Pointless, I know, but what the heck.

(Click thumbnail for larger images)

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5 Responses to “Will you help me choose my logotype/seal?”

  1. I am fond of monkeys, I am part cherokee, so I like that logo too. I think that the punk logo is a great image but not for your site. I love the B&W solar logo but I think that the square worker is the most harmonious with your site and the opinions that you present. BTW I love your gravitar- very edgy.


    • Thanks. I’m very fond of the Cherokee versions, although they’re knockoffs of logos I’m doing for my non-existent motorbike gang (you will see in a separate blog in due course). Yes, I’m split between last row middle and right (round worker and square worker). But you’re right, square worker is probably in keeping with my ‘everydayness’ sentiments for the blog.


    • Thing is, I’m not going to use the logo to replace my gravatar – I like to have my face attached to my comments. I don’t want to hide behind some disembodied graphic – cramps my style. Trouble is, where and how am I going to use the logo?


  2. I like them all in different ways, maybe the mohawk one the most. But, is there a way to incorporate some modest spirit of nakedness in there? G rated but symbolic.


    • Hmm, not sure how to do “modest,” “nakedness” and “G-rated” at the same time. My “symbolic” might lead to arrest for public indecency, or derisive laughter (don’t know which is worse). Since I have great respects for Texas, I suppose I have to get my thinking cap on now…


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