The Naked Listener wins Versatile Blogger Award

Friday 27 May 2011, 7.07am HKT

“Congratulations!! You have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.”

I’m chuffed to the bollocks(1) to be conferred The Versatile Blogger Award yesterday, courtesy of Word Nymph.

Like Word Nymph (a Versy recipient herself), being that(2) this is my first-ever blogging award, it has been a very pleasant surprise. It is always an honour to be recognised for the work you do, but when that recognition comes from one of your peers, it’s even more special.

(1) To borrow Harold Pinter‘s phraseology from The Homecoming (Methuen, 1964).
(2) “Being that” is correct usage, contrary to the beliefs of the SATs.

Thank you, Word Nymph

The original citation of my getting the Versy is [here].

Please visit Word Nymph for some eclectic, mouthwatering tips on writing and English-language usage.

* * *

Official rules of the award

  • Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
  • Give this award to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
  • Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.
* * *

Award acceptance speech

“Ten’rah! I’d never thought I’d be getting a Versie. I tried to stick to one thing I think I’m reasonably good at – and one thing at a time. And now I end up getting a Versie…

“Being that the award is recognition that I’m a blogger and by proclamation also versatile, I’d like to thank Word Nymph…

“Now watch me botch things up in versatile fashion…”

(Posted to Word Nymph on 26 May 2011)

* * *

Seven things about The Naked Listener

In fact, there is a shagload of random facts about me. If you’re up for it, you can see them on the About Me page.

Shamelessly, I also get interviewed (by others) on my own blog. Shamefully shameless. Mum always said I was a “little bit of a naughty boy.”

But those are starting to look a wee bit old around the edges, so here are newly minted fun facts about The Naked Listener:


1. Back in the days when I was life’s callow rookie in London, I get invited to 20 to 40 society balls and whatnot soirées a year, on top of 50 or so parties or business functions. I tried to attend most of them. Turn-up rate was 80%. It was these do’s that got me a job on Harper’s & Queen and Vogue magazines in those early years. More’s the pity that those jobs paid less than shite.


2. Nobel laureate Lee Tsung-dao (李政道) told me after a public lecture I attended at 15, “Read, up to the point when you just begin to understand — then close your book.” That helped me get a pass when I resat my O-level Physics. (That’s junior high school for our American cousins.)


3. I started writing in cursive script by five years old.


4. I made small history by being the first-ever entrant for Hong Kong (motorcycle section) at the Dakar Rally 2008, but nobody seems to know this — nothing even on the Intarwebz.


5. All my bosses are women. I might have men as supervisors or managers, but the people who ‘run’ me are all women.


6. God I hate ‘The Walking Dictionary’ nickname I get all the time, despite the fact that my vocabulary range had been tested at 96% at the 10,000-word level(3). And I hate ‘big’ words because they impart that Mock Gothic Victorian Municipal Edwardian Disneyesque Erudite Verbal False Limbs Adjectival Prancing Adverbial English flavour.

(3) Laufer, B. & Nation, P. (1999), A vocabulary size test of controlled productive ability. Language Testing, vol. 16, issue 1, pp. 33-51.


7. Mum always wanted me to wear my hair long, so on the strength of her say-so just before she passed away, I’ve had shoulder-length hair in a ponytail for around 10 years now. Before then, it’s always been short back and sides. You’d be astounded by the mind-boggling assumptions people have about you at the sight of your having long hair.


Bonus fact: I’ve never ever won any awards except this one. Even stuff that helped me earn and save enough to buy my own home at 18 or 21 (can’t remember exactly) never got me awards.

* * *

Nominees for the next award

I am giving away The Versatile Blogger Award to my all-time favourite bloggers. These (in alphabetical order) are massive:

  1. 24:00 (photos)
  2. a small dark light (hard to explain: deep but concise)
  3. A Pint of Salt (oddball)
  4. Bad Advice From My Brother (humour, ‘runtery’)
  5. Chicks and Skateboards (c’mon, self-explanatory!)
  6. Do What’s Right (religion, morality)
  7. Franklin Perry (propaganda, disinformation, myth-busting)
  8. Good Morning Kids (photos)
  9. Middle School Proverbs (humour, reality)
  10. Nouveaux Mondes (in French)
  11. Small Trouble in Hong Kong… (life and living)
  12. Ten Things I’ve Learned (humour, life, lists)
  13. The Daily Omnivore (a.k.a. partialmotionvideo) (pop culture)
  14. The Honest Courtesan (whores, law, human rights)
  15. Undone Transport (photos)

Bonus nomination:

16. Olga Lednichenko (unique)

Takes some time to get to grips with Olga, really, because of her (shall we say) unique writing style. Funny thing, though, she actually makes a lot of sense — if you know how to read Olga.

Well, 16 out of 15 for all-time favs isn’t bad, is it?

Winners (if and when contactable) will be notified of their awards in due course.

* * *

Thank you (and a disclaimer)

Those blogs or bloggers left unmentioned doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not my favourites. I love all that I love. You are my world, and my ‘world’ is more important to me than my ‘country.’

* * *

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Naked Listener wins Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Woman said

    *wolf whistles and loud shouts of huzzah from this side of the planet* YAY!!!! Congrats!!!

    Seriously. You’ve never won an award before???


  2. Way to go NL! Keep on postin’ bro!


  3. Marc said

    Thanks for putting me on that list man! :)


  4. Congratulations!!!! you truly deserve this!!!!!!


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