Picture post 54: Chastity belt

Saturday 2 July 2011, 2.00pm HKT

(Well, sort of UNSAFE for work…)

For those who’ve never seen this thing being worn on the person.

Dimensions 952 × 1375 pixels (click image for full size)

“Whatever it’s supposed to do, it only makes you want more.”

via c4c

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8 Responses to “Picture post 54: Chastity belt”

  1. Harry said

    Wow what a great picture! Where was it taken? Is this an actual beach shot or some photoshop croma magic?


  2. Harry said

    Very cool! Is this a beach in Hong Kong or elsewhere? Wonder where I can buy something like this for my wife!


  3. Vik said

    The people in the background are grips… therefore, i am assuming it is a movie set…


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