Those who are ignorant of their ignorance

Friday 15 July 2011, 2.47pm HKT

SO, A COUPLE OF GUYS WERE TALKING within earshot of me. Basically their conversation boils down to this:

A picture is worth a thousand words ... yeah, if it's the right picture.(BTW, it's a Danish flag. The Danes were never in the Crusades. Stop thinking with your bunghole, demotivator creator.)

Wow, thus spake the broken dicks.

It’s all bollocks and mouthfart anyway because:

  1. In the end, the Muslims won the Crusades anyway.
  2. The Muslims conquered and converted most of the Middle East by the sword long before the Crusades came along.
  3. Portugal kick their asses back in 1142, outside of the Crusades.
  4. Poland kicked Muslim Turks in 1683, well after the Crusades (but that’s another story).
  5. Muslims had a great civilisation during the time of the Crusades: great leaders, great scientists, etc. (Of course, now they have fags with no brains — just like us).

LOLs, keep on talking like that, f@#ktards, not realising the Crusades were the biggest fail of human history:

  • nine crusades and only one of them (sort of) worked (but only for a while) before the Christians got their arses drubbed
  • not because the Muslims were better warriors but because the Crusaders were such lamers

Yes, we know how to roll shit. BIG DEAL!

  • We’ve got banks stealing our money through all sorts of financial chicanery.
  • We’ve got governments (mis)treating their own citizens like criminals and slandering everyone else as terrorists.
  • We’ve got the media building the idea of The Evil Muslim Empire in our heads.
  • We’re forced to pay more and more tax to buy less and less education.
  • We’ve got our uselessly compliant academia over-analysing everything.
  •  We’re being pushed imperceptibly to accept private healthcare as a good thing.
  • Our food supply is being deliberately squeezed to jack up profits (hence taxes).
  • We’ve got religionists altering the basic belief system of our respective religions to support their personal agendas.
  • We send troops all over the place on questionable wars of dubious value, resulting in a whole generation (again!) of burn victims and invalids.
  • We insult our warriors with little discs of cheap metal called medals and console them with empty platitudes (canned clichés) like “We wear our medals because some of us [the dead] can’t wear theirs.” Heck, wear. Wear our medals, livingly or posthumously, knowing full well the ‘collateral damage’ of innocent victims don’t even get medals.

And here we are, thinking we could solve problems just by bombing the bejesus out of some group of people who are in reality no different from you or me. F@#kwits.

Wash your mouth, since you can’t wash your brain because you haven’t got one.

A thousand years ago it was the Church that bullshitted us. Now it’s the media-driven corporate-government complex superseding the industrial-military complex doing the bullshitting.

Do you even know you’re ignorant?

Our current state of evolution

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