America, self-pwned

Sunday 7 August 2011, 12.54am HKT

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, the USA lost its prized AAA credit rating from S&P.

It had to happen sooner or later, courtesy of John Boehner & Co. and couple of ‘characters’ in the Administration there who shall remain nameless.

Never forget that both events turned out to be calamities for the rest of us more than it was/is for them.

Never forget that the actions of the powers-that-be in America lately depicts undesirable, antisocial behaviour and not to be imitated by viewers at home.

Thank you: the end of the world as asserted for 2012 has just begun.

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4 Responses to “America, self-pwned”

  1. Yaxue C. said

    I am illiterate in financial matters and how this downgrade will affect everyone, but I do know, from my housewifely common sense, that things are going to turn bad when clownns are running the show, the shameless becomes more shameless by the day, journalists are looking on and having fun, and intelligent people with integraty are hard to find. My apology to you as one of the 300 million irresponsible Americans (only technically).


  2. No, you don’t have to apologise, nor should 99% of Americans. Credit where credit is due, blame where blame falls. When things turn for the worse (it’s not even a question of ‘if’ now), please be sure to tell the powers-that-be to shape up or ship out.

    I say this, Hong Kong is going to have one helluva bad time with this credit downgrade.


  3. Yaxue C. said

    I knew Hong Kong was going to go down the toilet when that takeover pact was signed because where there is the Party, there is ruin. Period. For the party is a disease. I have no illusion about this. I don’t feel sure about a lot of things, but this I am sure about, and my certainty in this has never failed me.

    A friend of mine told me this in early1990s: A classmate of his from Peking University, who had worked in Sun Yat-sen University and who was a party member, was selected and trained to be sent to Hong Kong as an “assistant” to a lawmaker as soon as Hong Kong was taken over. Go figure. Hong Kong must be filled with all sorts of rats.

    In short, when the mainlanders came to ruin Hong Kong, I was a mainlander; when the Americans are raising havoc in Hong Kong, I am an American. I AM SO SORRY, HONG KONG!


  4. Oh, don’t be. It’s just state of the game. As a place sitting on the doorsteps of China, it just comes with the territory, so to speak. It’s the same story in the USA: there’s going to be illegal immigration mainly from Mexico, not so much because of proximity as it is the close historical relationship between the two countries.

    Take it from me, if Hong Kong were filled with rats, then problems would’ve been somewhat easier to deal with. The real trouble is, there’s just too many apathetic characters around – that makes it much, much harder.


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