National predatory service

Tuesday 23 August 2011, 10.10am HKT

THE MORE BRAINLESS PARTS of the United Kingdom population are calling for national service to be reinstated as a way to ‘sort out’ their youth following the London England British riots.

The worse thing is, the British government is paying lip service to this brain-damaged idea.

The stupid journalists recycled the stupid idea to fill up print space with their stupid 'take' on the riots and stupid politicos latched onto the idea

The idea had been broached before back in 2009. It’s for students (or, alternatively, teenagers not in full-time education) to do 100 hours of compulsory ‘national civic service.’ The ostensible reason given in 2009 (as is now) was to provide a national army of volunteers to help the UK economy out of recession.

I can relate to why people would want conscription back, what with the riots and talk of ‘Broken Britain’ and all. But National Service in 1947-60 was a different kettle of fish from this ‘national civic service’ the government is proposing. If the plan ever sees the light of day, that ‘civic’ conscription will go the same way of the ‘short sharp shock‘ gaoling [jailing] policy of the 1970s and 80s (i.e. useless).

Srsly, there are five seriously worrying aspects to this facepalmingly brain-damaged bad idea:

1. Obviously no one in the UK knows the meanings of ‘volunteer’ and ‘compulsory’ anymore — now that’s srsly worrying.

2. Everyone under 18 won’t want it, which is why it will never happen. That age group also happens to be the next generation of voters, and the party that proposes any kind of conscription (military or otherwise) would be committing political suicide for at least the next 10 to 15 years.

3. The present generation is totally different from the generations in 1947-60. Our generation of kids are into entertainment and doing your own thing — whereas the previous generations were reared on the idea of accepting responsibility if it so be required of them. Our generation will resent anything forced on them (especially by authority figures) with great anger and gusto (remember the school fee riots recently?), and they will find really unpleasant ways to gum up the works for the authorities.

4. You’re putting predators and potential criminals in direct contact with the weak, needy and helpless of society — if you’re sniffing around to commit crimes, what better way to help than to have a civilian draft put you through to your potential victims?

5. Conscription entails registration. You’re just giving the state the golden opportunity to set up files on everybody in future — just like what the Stasi did in East Germany before.

If the recent riots are anything to go by, a national civic service will lead to even MORE violence and criminality in society.

Enough said. Derp.

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  1. This is good stuff! Very good piece.
    Please visit for more info on conscription.


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