Air-conditioning bullshit (roundup)

Thursday 15 September 2011, 6.30pm HKT

WELL, it had to happen sooner or later.

Because of the sweltering heat and soupy humidity, the lack of AC and various other annoying things, some of you will have noticed the snafus in numbering for the 10-part feature “Air-conditioning myths exploded.”

This post rounds up the whole series as follows:

Part 1 – Air-conditioning myths exploded

Part 2 – Thermostat setting at 25°C is all wrong

Part 3 – Not AC and fan together

Part 4 – Temperature is relatively relative

Part 5 – Lower temperatures cost more?

Part 6 – Metabolism doesn’t count, not really

Part 7 – Temperature and humidity for all and sundry

Part 8 – Insulation can be daft

Part 9 – Protips and hacks

Part 10 – Protips and hacks (cont.) (feature ends)

Betcha that’ll keep you going for a whole week.

Originally, I planned on releasing one part a day, but I figured you dopes my esteemed readers just don’t have the brainpower would be so much more entertained by the posts hammering at you all at once.

Srsly, if I didn’t release all 10 ASAP, I’ll probably never get round to it, what with the lack of AC, lack of money, the heavy drinking, the emotional distress from work, and all.

* * *

Invasion of the Off-post Commenters

Oh, yah, there’s always some imbecile who had to email in (instead of commenting directly in the post) asking me, “What made you want to write something this big about air conditioning?”

Which I’ve already explained in Part 1 — if these people actually paid any attention to anything at all.

Holy gamoly, the nerve these people have…

* * *

Invasion of the Zealots of Grammarfaggotry

Not to be outdone by the off-posters, the emo douchebag grammarfothermuckers also wrote in (by email, not directly in the post) (ostensibly) complaining about — never mind, I’ve summarised their key points:

  • the posts are not in English (!)
  • the posts ARE in English but why are there apostrophes and non-standard spelling?
  • the language doesn’t sound like academic English because there are contractions
  • the spellings are American (yeah, right)
  • the spellings are “too British” (yeah, right)
  • what is the meaning of the word “urlogiciznotsound”? (*sigh*)
  • “Your English had been poor because the passive voice was not being used.” (*facepalm*)
  • why so much on the aircon? (*headdesk*)

Srsly, I’m not making this up.

* * *

On the bright side

The only positive comments were spam, believe it or not:

“Youre soooo gifted in writing. God is truly working with you
in tremendous strategies. Youre doing a superb job! This was
an incredible weblog!”
(IP = Chicago, IL , USA)

“wooow, take pleasure in your things on the point
Active upon everything besides « The Unexaggerated Listener’s”
(IP = Chisinau, Moldova)

“I think that you’d probably do well in a consulting role where you are helping
companies who want to improve in the area of creating passionate users
(products and websites). Your knowledge of the field is shown well by your
and maybe getting out in front of people will give you more
of a reason to stay passionate about this subject area (if not the blog itself).”

(IP = Netherlands)

I never thought I’d live to see the day when I would thank spammers.

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2011.

2 Responses to “Air-conditioning bullshit (roundup)”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Good job. Learning is suffering, but expertise is major tribulation.


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