Open call for blog theme suggestions

Friday 16 September 2011, 4.32pm HKT


Dear all,

The Naked Listener’s Weblog has been using the same theme for three years since migrating to WordPress in 2008.

The current theme you see now is Ambiru, and I have been very happy with it.

For some time now, I have been thinking about a theme change — and would be grateful for your opinion on:

Both are equally appealing to me and, I hope, to you too.

I am especially attracted by their larger serif typeface and ability to post in different post formats (standard, aside, quote, image, gallery, video, audio and chat) — a versatility I felt long missing in Ambiru.

(It would have been much nicer for Ambiru to update itself and provide post formats because I am quite in love with Ambiru.)

Look at the Battle of the Themes: Quintus vs. Pink Touch 2 below, and tell me which theme you would like to read my stories in.

Please leave a reply in the comments section after the post.

Yours faithfully,

The Naked Listener

* * *

Quintus vs. Pink Touch 2

(Click image for larger photo)

Default appearance

Default appearance of Quintus (above).

Default appearance of Pink Touch 2 (above).

I am particularly partial to both their larger, nicer-looking serif fount, mainly because I feel Ambiru’s sans serif fount is a touch on the small side.

For Quintus, the default burgundy colour scheme seems wee drab to me, and I would refit it with something cheerier — or just put back the raindrops-on-glass background. The header will get the “lookie-eyes” picture, or something else nice.

For Pink Touch 2, again I would reuse the raindrop background, but not touch the general colour scheme — it’s nice enough.

Standard post format


Quintus (above left) and Pink Touch 2 both use a larger serif bodytype than my current theme.

In standard post format (above), Quintus has a slightly wider “full-out” column than Pink Touch 2.

A sample of my post in Quintus vs. Pink Touch 2 (above) in standard post format.

About deck

Only Pink Touch 2 has the About deck (or ‘footrest’) underneath every post — a particularly nice touch for those of us who are more comfortable about this sort of thing.

The words for the About are the same as the Gravatar intro.

Quote format

For quotations, Quintus and Pink Touch 2 both uses a much larger type size to make words stand out. Ambiru lacks this, which meant that I tend to mess around with formatting codes because of that.

The picture above are not to scale — their column widths are in fact roughly the same.

Aside format

The aside post format (above) for Quintus vs. Pink Touch 2.

The aside is useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes. It is a brief snippet of text, not really a whole blogpost, and no post title — kind of like a blog version of a yellow stickynote.

Chat format

Only Pink Touch 2 has the chat format (i.e. quotation format for dialogues). This might or might not be useful to me.

* * *

What do you think? Leave a reply.

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