Wednesday 28 September 2011, 12.41pm HKT

You spend three or four years studying at university. That’s 10% of your entire career time of 30 or 40 years! And then you see a lot of these bozos unable to write properly or have basic language skills. Then you see English majors who can’t tell if YOU have high enough control of the language even while you’re speaking or writing to them — makes you wonder if they really majored in anything other than Brain Damage. *Sigh*

2 Responses to “Aside”

  1. I agree totally Rob. I see so much stuff that is written by apparently educated people that is close to gibberish because of a lack of a basic understanding of grammar.
    Sentences with a subject and no predicate, poor word choices and punctuation from hell. How many commas can one person use in this life, I ask you?
    I think that the fault lies with the education system, at least here in Australia, where the basics of grammar that were drummed into our generation have been abandoned. The teachers themselves are rarely good grammarians so how can they pass the habit of good writing on to their students. Schools seem to only teach English well enough so that it is possible to fill out their forms to get the dole- beyond that and you’re on your own.
    I have even seen a report card from an English teacher that had several spelling mistakes in it. I think my head will explode if I go on.


    • I know exactly what you mean. But even without the mainstream grammar bit, the general standard of “normal” speaking and writing is just so far down to hell nowadays, isn’t it? Makes us wonder what the actual hell goes on in classes? I actually know some people who are on to their third or fourth degrees, and they can’t string two sentences together – and these people are destined to teach the next generation… *sigh*


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