What’s for din-dins?

Tuesday 4 October 2011, 12.15am HKT

ANOTHER EXCITING (and excitable) episode of The Naked Listener’s Weblog on what was for dinner tonight.


Crap Pseudo Irish Stew a la Canto-pop du Boeuf Derriere with el vino tinto barato español with Hongkie (i.e. Hong Kong-style) bagels

Yes, in-picture labels to help those suffering from terminal dementia photocaptionitis disilliteratis.

For those interested in the recipe, here’s another suitably labelled photo:

Preparation: Lump the lot together, cook, then eat. (C’mon, I said it was Pseudo Irish Stew.)

Why the crappy din-din?

Well, y’know, the Hong Kong stock market sank 770.26 points (or 4.38%) today, so there is now a certain need to be frugal.

Srsly, it’s serious business. Crappy meals are only professionally and ethically acceptable for people in the printing business. So there.

Trivia: El vino tinto barato español (“the cheap Spanish red wine”) was HK$17.90 (US$2.30 or £1.48) for a 750cc (25 US fluid ounce) bottle — mainly to drown my financial sorrows. Price yesterday was HK$29.90 — there’s market responsiveness for you.

More trivia: I also bought 200 grammes (7 ounces) of Molinari salami (for tonight’s repeat of “Paranormal Activities” and “Centurion” on telly) — also on discount — there’s also market responsiveness for you.

So there.

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8 Responses to “What’s for din-dins?”

  1. Yaxue C. said

    Pseudo or not, it’s not crappy soup, not to me! We had soup too (and pizza) last night and yours looks a lot better than mine, even though I had home-grown green beans and tomatos in it….


  2. Yaxue C. said

    I DID have soup last night for dinner….YOURS does look better…the problem is, I can’t send you a picture because I just finished the leftover, five minutes ago…

    On the other hand, if I can make you feel special and wanted while speaking my mind, why not, as long as you don’t mind?


  3. Nina said

    That soup looks good to me. All I have is the Progresso Beef stew my mom gets in lieu of cooking real stew.

    I feel you on the minimalist dinners though. Such is life when the economy is this bad. I had a bagel for dinner and pretended it was a turkey dinner.


  4. And that’s a biggish comedown for someone like me. I grew up in cultures that it’s acceptable to shave back on everything else except meals. Cutting back on food quality and food intake is the first sign on the road to hell.


  5. Ed Hurst said

    I believe given my strange Romachill (an oral only term nobody knows how to spell) background I would live in a vehicle before I was ready to cut back much on food. But then, we don’t consider stew with roots and some kind of meat to be poor food.


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