Another round of din-dins

Thursday 6 October 2011, 2.21am HKT

CONTINUING OUR EXCITING SERIES of meals, this is what The Naked Listener had for dinner earlier tonight.


Semi-European Pseudo-Minimalist Neo-Impressionist Art Wrecko Non-Digital Rights Managed Leftover Chicken Casserole with Non-Sequitur Post-Apocalyptic Un-English Name

served lovingly with

Panfried Unleftover Potato and Bacon Shreddings Misnamed As Fritters


El Vino Tinto Barata Español Adulterated with Hongkie Orange Juice That Resembles Offal Leachate in Appearance

(Click on images for larger pictures, thank you)

Again, in-picture labels to help those with senile dementia (like you and I are going to end up with sooner rather than later).

TV remotes not part of the meal.

The casseroley (casserole-ish?) gunge had been prepared with semi-leftover chicken pieces, lovingly and painstakingly cooked with chestnuts, chickpeas, white onions (“G.I. Joe Onions”) and couple of other highly edible, highly flavourful stuff I honestly can’t remember.

I’m not opening up my tummy to find out about them now.

The fritters have been more technical in nature, and therefore a more technical-ey labelling system with label lines has to be called for (see photo).

Potato shreddings with leftover bacon bits and red onions (“Pharaoh Onions”) panfried with corn oil (not olive oil) on an IKEA non-stick frypan that turned out to be a little bit sticky.

Yes, my fritters are not quite the proper definition of fritters, but neither was the non-stick frypan. So there.

Both dishes tonight were quaffed down with the same cheapo Spanish red wine, but this time mixed with orange juice at 50-50 proportion. This is one version of sangria that you’d probably won’t find in the recipe books. It looked like something you drain out from underneath the kitchen sink, but it tasted wonderful. So there.

Those whose powers of observation do them prowess will have noticed that tonight’s proportions are considerably more than yesterday’s.

The reason is that I was hungrier tonight than last night, and also because I would prefer to die on a fuller stomach than otherwise.

The Hong Kong stock market didn’t recover — it sank another 571 points (or 3.4%) today.

So there.

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8 Responses to “Another round of din-dins”

  1. Yaxue C. said

    Srsly, leftover or not, it’s not bad at all. Chestnuts and chickpeas are the redeeming ingredients.

    It’s always hard to cook for one person (I assume you were dining alone?). Given that, not bad at all.

    Now, I do have a mediore suggestion to make: Maybe sautee some leafy veggies like spinach….oh I imagine there are so many greens in any HK market, unlike our Safeway here.


    • Thank you. Love chestnuts, relatively not so hot on chickpeas, but you can’t have chestnuts without also chickpeas.

      Yeah, it’s kind of hard to cook for one. If find cooking in Chinese fashion is harder for one than cooking in European fashion, mainly because Chinese cooking is “bulkier” in use of ingredients – though much depends on the actual dish itself.

      Good suggestion about the veg. Problem is, prices of greens here in Hong Kong have doubled or tripled since March. For instance, bak choi is now around HK$15 (US$2) for a half pound, which is srsly expensive even for this town.


  2. Yaxue C. said

    Oh I meant to tell you that I have also subscribed to via your link (thank you!), and I really like it. What a wonderful way to have a small serving of thought that we would not have otherwise.


  3. Yaxue C. said

    What? A pound of green costs $4?????? A crime!


  4. Ed Hurst said

    Cooking for one? I do it often. For lunch today: single large pancake. Basic complete mix with a tbs. of dried cranberries, tsp. of sunflower kernels and a tbs. of buckwheat flour. In the US, all corn is GMO (eek!), so I use coconut oil in my black iron skillet. Topped with natural peanut butter, homemade applesauce, and vanilla yogurt.


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