Post-iDead luncheon

Friday 7 October 2011, 6.28pm HKT

SEEMS LIKE we’ve got a meal theme going on here, so I’ll just run with it, thank you very much.


McBongo 100% Naturally Artificial Ghastly Glasshouse Wilted Veggie Garden Salad with Faux Italianate Unctuous Medicated Ointment Salad Dressing


Semi-Congealed Hongkie WW2 Vintage Powdered Eggyolk Egg Tart With Enough LSD To Make Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary Scream With Joy


Better-Living-Through-Chemistry Nuclear-Proof Grenade-Quality Pineapple Bun With Nothing Inside


Hungarian Aluminium Oxide Chemical Disaster British Petroleum Oilspill Certified O.J. Simpson Endorsed Bird Flu Weaponised Orange Juice


Criminally Overpriced Genetically Engineered to Hell and Back Peanuts Fakely Roasted in Honey from Angry Sweatshop Bumble Bees Pretending to be from President Jimmy Carter’s Peanut Farm

(Click image for larger size, if you dare)

It’s vegetarian, if you care to excuse the egg and lard components in the making of the egg tart and pine-Luft-waffle bun — suitable for those srsly pretending pretentiously to mourn at S.J.’s passing (*smirk*).


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3 Responses to “Post-iDead luncheon”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Breakfast: Cheap pre-cooked pork sausage patty (Wal-Mart brand), fried in the pan with home-grown bell pepper and locally grown red onion. The steam was captured with a large flour tortilla wrapper on which the organic cheese was melted. This was all rolled up together with more-or-less natural scrambled egg.


  2. Ed Hurst said

    For most of our marriage our morning routines followed different schedules. Since I already knew how to cook when we were married, it was never an issue. I’ve worked in a couple of restaurant kitchens when I was desperate for work. Don’t like short-order cooking, but I like cooking very much.


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