Notes: Grammar and language fluency

Tuesday 8 November 2011, 9.00am HKT

KNACKER’S LOG, 01 Nov 2011

The more grammar they read, the worse their language gets. Running order worsens too. Harder they try to be grammatical, down, down, down goes readability. They don’t even notice this.

Up the grammar focus, and grammar actually becomes a distraction to these people — they can’t focus on the subject matter. So the subject matter ends up running on fumes — a great way to crash land. End result? Sequencing is all over the place, so half the time these grammarphiles write won’t make much sense anyway. And they don’t even notice this.

Worse, these people have learnt the wrong sort of grammar. Resembles mental masturbation more than anything else. Don’t know what the hell these people have learnt or how they learnt it, but theirs is nothing ever like what we had in school.

* * *

BTW, S.S. mentioned the other day she was teaching Primary 1-or-whatever kids a thing called Procedural Writing. What the hell is THAT???

Turn out Procedural Writing was how to write a set of steps that others could follow. Well, then, it’s PROCEDURE Writing, not ‘procedural.’ It isn’t a bloody adjective, you know. So it’s back to the Servile Wars vs. Slave Wars crap again, and again, and again. Ad nauseum.

Why the hell can’t the school call a spade a spade — “How to write a set of steps”? “Procedural Writing” is f@#king abortion English, and f@#king bad naming.

*Eyesroll* I don’t know how the hell schools couldn’t figure out something as simple as Procedure Writing, and then make teachers like S.S. teach kids this crap — and then complain about falling standards.

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5 Responses to “Notes: Grammar and language fluency”

  1. This so right- even for native speakers. As soon as they start thinking about ‘speaking proper grammar’ they don’t know their whose from their whoms. The education systems systematic abuse of the English language via their substandard teaching methods is a worldwide travesty that we will pay for sooner or later.

    I love the notes concept- it so suits your style and content. Nothing you put up could really be out of context if the reader is switched on. Great stuff- I can’t wait to see more.


  2. I reckon we’re already paying for it… *sigh*

    The notes concept will be coming more and more – I have so many pieces of paper littered around the home that it’s now an embarrassment even to myself.


  3. Ed Hurst said

    I can’t diagram my way out of a wet paper bag. I learned grammar the hard — reading tons of great writers. I learned all the technical lingo later, and still can’t remember much of it. The point: One size cannot fit all.


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