A kitteh for a hundred words

Saturday 19 November 2011, 6.11am HKT

Written? Kitten! is an odd but happy website. You write 100 words and get a kitten (picture of, of course).

Here was my contribution:

“This is the way things have ben done. There are some kittehs that grow up to become cats. Some grow up to be lolcats. Some just stay as kittehs, and very well done to those. This is a funnee sort of thing for this kind of writing. I have to make it to 100 words. It’s only fifty-five words right now. Funny how you are lost for words when you are required to fulfil a certain word quota. Seventy-eight words now. Close to the edge. Almost falling over. Eighty-eight words. Happy eighty-eights to y’all. Six more words to go. Bang!”

This is mah kitteh:

Photo: DreamShoot by Marcel Steger | 3 Aug 2008 | Flickr

The website is http://writtenkitten.net/.

(hat tip to b3ta, email 505, 18 Nov 2011)

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2011. Image via writtenkitten.

5 Responses to “A kitteh for a hundred words”

  1. I got my kitten with this:
    Kittens are great but kittens turn into cats. Cats are our weird, reclusive, psychotic room mates that deign to share our living space with us even though they don’t pay the bills. They are bossy, sleep only in the best chairs and don’t like any of the six different flavors of cat food that you have offered them today and instead go next door to steal another cat’s food. Cats sharpen their claws on your antique furniture, scratch you just to see you jump in pain, ignore everything you say to them and then turn their back on you, lift their tail and show you their bottom. And yet we still love them! Isn’t he just the cutest thing?


  2. Ed Hurst said

    I knew the pastor of a monster Baptist church who made jokes about cats and ovens. He turned out to be quite a jerk in other ways, but I’m glad the only cats I deal with belong to others.


  3. Ed Hurst said

    Yeah, a huge monstrosity of a Baptist church, seating easily 5K. I won’t name names, because he’s been known to sue for online criticism. But he told his cat-hating jokes from the pulpit.


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