Recap of November stories

Saturday 3 December 2011, 5.39am HKT

Recap of posts published in November 2011.

The 22 stories in November have been:

Novembah, movembah, schmobembah! Yee-haah! (Photo: Skinny-D)

Crosspost: Value of a college degree | 04 Nov 2011
A thread on Reddit really shows what the value of a college degree actually turns out to be in the real world.


Notes: Crime | 08 Nov 2011
Back-to-front causality.

Notes: Grammar and language fluency | 08 Nov 2011
Crank up your grammaticality, and your language will start running on fumes – a great way to crash-land, no?


Notes: Love of words | 09 Nov 2011
What happens today to people love words.

Notes: Explainology | 09 Nov 2011
Talking ‘-ology’ isn’t the same as explaining. A quick lifehack.

The pink slip | 09 Nov 2011
Some bullshit costs you a pink slip, or makes you give someone a pink slip.

Aside: Media | 09 Nov 2011
Choke on your syndications.


Keep calm: easy for you to say

Aside | 12 Nov 2011
How absurdly singleminded are you looking for things? Compare your results with The Naked Listener’s.


Man and men, a fine line of difference | 13 Nov 2011
When it comes to looking for ‘The Old Duke,’ ladies better your phraseology right.


Read my lips: When Chinese is too Chinese for me | 14 Nov 2011
How to you read something when only speak it? A quick workaround for Canto-mummers.


Coming to getcha | 18 Nov 2011
A picture post.

Alas, poor Yorick | 18 Nov 2011
Another picture post on the same day.


Notes: ‘Nothing really matters’ | 21 Nov 2011
When we’re dead and gone, the ‘Soochow dogshite’ we leave behind cannot be sorted out because only we know the ins and outs of it to have it sorted out.


‘It’s all bullshit. And then you die.’ | 22 Nov 2011
‘We knew it going in.’

Happiness | 22 Nov 2011
A quote from a movie.


Franglais chez Ikea | 23 Nov 2011
Beware of going all-in into another culture, as this French ex-lawyer alludes.


Bon-kyu-bon: the changing of the bibs, bobs and boobs of Asia | 24 Nov 2011
The womenfolk in Asia is busting out, and it’s more than because of a diet change.

Aside: Failure | 24 Nov 2011
Your fear is misplaced because you’ve misplaced your fear.


This is THE office | 27 Nov 2011
Annotated picture post of a productivity-geared office that looks deceptively funky.

Aside | 27 Nov 2011
An abject explanation as to why The Naked Listener is going to do things slightly differently.


So you complained that this isn’t in English | 28 Nov 2011
I could keep up with this attitude of mine longer than most bystanders could stand it, but would YOU appreciate it? Arrêt!

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