Wanna see what a tough guy looks like?

Saturday 10 December 2011, 9.00am HKT

I HAVE BEEN MEANING to show you this picture for the longest time.

(click for full size: 2457 × 2972)

Never mind his rifle — any blithering idiot can carry (even use) a Kalashnikov AK-47 7.62mm × 39mm assault rifle, with fixed bayonet, plastered with cutsie stickers, seasoned with a prayer beads of amber.

Look at the man’s face.

Look at his forehead.

Look at his hands.

Look at the blackened blood vessels on his neck.

Look at his eyes.

Look into his eyes.

Look at the sweat around on his forehead and the dust in his eyes.

You and I may not have to care about the whys and wherefores of him being in arms — it doesn’t matter, ultimately.

We are only looking at his toughness.

This is a tough man.

Give him his respectz.

We are obligated and obliged to give it.

Give, and we will most likely find him also to be a kind and kindly man.

* * *

I chanced upon this image several months ago on an imageboard, and I’ve been meaning to show this for a long time. This man struck me as the real-life version of The Terminator. I have never ever seen anyone this tough. This man is tough inside. He’s no image. He’s all-real tough.

I’ve never been able to find out the ultimate source of the image.

* * *

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7 Responses to “Wanna see what a tough guy looks like?”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    A warrior who has lived long enough to put such wear and tear on himself and his weapons is one bad dude.


  2. Jay said

    That’s a zombie. An armed zombie. Running won’t help.


  3. JP said

    Some oddities. The 3 rounds clipped around the blowback tube – just decoration? The clips are from belt-fed ammunition so they must be glued on. And why are there pebbles stuck in the muzzle of the rifle? And why the electrical tape around the magazine – how does he take the mag apart to clean it? His long 40 round magazines is hopeless – they jam more often than they don’t because the spring isn’t strong enough. So it’s more common to get two 20’s or 30 round mags and tape them head-to-toe. But taping up a 50 is.. dunno. Turning a folding-stock AK into a fixed stock by use of gauze bandage is certainly innovative. Very interesting pic.


    • Zammis Schein said

      I hope you do not mind, if I offer some totally subjective remarks on the basis of my personal experiences. I spent quite some time over there ….. In truth and in fact he is a tough warrior. A tribal warrior’s weapon has always been the pride and glory of its owner. The US M13 links hold AK rounds for ornamental purposes only. Dirt could have gotten into the muzzle when he stuck his bayonet into the ground. It would not prevent him from firing his weapon, although it is on ‘safe’ now. The key ring in the wire cutter slot would play a nice song even if he fires a short burst only. And it is an ornament, by local standards. He could have placed a real key on the ring. The scotch tape wound around the magazine does not serve any practical purpose. It is an ‘ornament’. I have never seen an Afghan warrior clean his magazine. If a magazine does not feed properly, they throw it away. Soviet-made 40 round mags are totally reliable and they are not likely to jam on you as long as you keep them dry. Neither Soviet, nor Chinese 20-round AK mags exist, or at least they are not used in Afghanistan. The Hungarians made 20-round “officer’s” mags for their AKM63 and the AMD65, but these magazines are not used in Afghanistan. The AKM in the photo is NOT a folding stock rifle. The standard wooden stock is wrappen in cloth strips to protect it and to serve as a ‘cheek pad’. I hope it helps. best regards : Zammis Schein


    • Please, don’t mind about commenting. I welcome your subjective take on the matter — which I think is objective, by the way. The thing about this post is that it was meant to be taken figuratively, if you get my general meaning.

      You have given some remarkably good facts about the weapon, and for that we are grateful.


  4. @JP: Very perceptive of you. My own feeling is that the man’s weapon is not for use. I reckon it’s a portable shrine of some sort, maybe to his fallen comrades or to dead relatives. I have been told in the past that some Middle Easterners use a bandaged stock to signify that all the family members have died. I think this picture is more than meets the eye.


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