Wednesday 28 December 2011, 6.00pm HKT

(From Part 2)

THIRD QUARTER 2011 saw more posts, but that’s mainly because business had been slow (and mainly because of some of the more brain-damaged aspects of official policies by governments all around the world).

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15 male answers to every question a woman ever asks | 9 July 2011

If you think the 15 boilerplate answers are good, wait till you read those offered by the commenters.

Top 25 signs that you’ve finally grown up | 12 July 2011

Boils down to money and sex, really — usually having too much of one and too little of the other. Actually, more like too little of both. Your mileage, in this case, may not even vary at all.

The Naked Listener’s Top 100 Lifehacks | 11 July 2011

One hundred easy things anybody over 20 should know. Or everything you ever wanted to know about how to live but missed out on because you prefer to piss around with paid-for advice.

Make your day fit the Post-It, dumbo

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The Naked Listener’s top 10 lifehacks for the first-time jobhunter or employee | 6 Aug 2011

First time out in the real world, fending for yourself on your own? Back into the workforce after a while away? Or just got kicked out of home? Don’t leave home without reading Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

How to bottle things up inside | Part 1, Part 2 | 21 Aug 2011

High summer, 33ºC (91ºF) at 97% relative humidity, and 7½ million people jam-packed into under 400 square miles (1,035 square kilometres), and they all came out of the woodwork yesterday. It makes for one helluva bad-hair day.

Ye olde Hong Kong flag

Leave me alone with the crowd around me | 19 Aug 2011

There’s always someone who had to ask That Question. It is the one question that almost instantly alters your entire perception of everybody else around you.

Tattoos: the whys and wherefores | 3 Aug 2011

To think that in 40 years’ time, there’ll be loads of little old ladies and gents with angry but wrinkled tattoos shuffling about with their canes and four-legged walkers.

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Air-conditioning myths exploded | 10-part mega-feature | 15 Sept 2011

We are mostly misled about air-conditioning. This overlong but incredibly fascinating 10-part mega-feature explodes some air-conditioning propaganda because I’m angry and sick and tired of fixing my two jackass ACs year in, year out, every bloody summer.

Your draft manual is crap | 6 Sept 2011

If there’s anything more laughable than calling yourself a writer, it is calling yourself a writer and then presenting your ‘draft’ to others. Even worse, ‘draft manuscript.’

Midautumn Festival a.k.a. Lunacy Festival | 14 Sept 2011

Somebody said it might be a good idea that I record my own understanding of the festival in case that gets lost in the midst of time and Internet space. This is an amended version of my comment at Seeing Red in China.

Same story, but with tunics and togas | 23 Sept 2011

The Naked Listener doesn’t do film reviews! But seeing that I have a loony, rabid penchant for things Roman, this was the only exception for the entire year.

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Continued on Part 4

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Objectivity: Just another $5 word for subjectivity

Wednesday 28 December 2011, 2.34am HKT

“I do not believe in the notion of objectivity. I think that’s essentially horse shit. Everyone has biases and any scientist will tell you that. I think rather than trying to be objective, you need to be more upfront about your biases and be rigorous in terms of fact-checking, context and history.”

— Arun Gupta, Indian-British-American journalist and co-founder of The Occupied Wall Street Journal, the mouthpiece of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement with a print run of 75,000 copies.


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