Recap of December stories

Tuesday 3 January 2012, 1.10am HKT

Recap of posts published and stats for December 2011.

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Things to beguile the charmless | 4-part feature | 03 Dec 2011
It is said that charming people have no need for ‘extraordinary assistance’ from the likes of charms and talismans. But for those whose charm and luck vary and often considerably less than 100% on a daily basis, such objects are necessary and requisite for the illusion of assistance. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.



These are not the vampires I’m looking for | 03 Dec 2011
In “The Land That Gave Us Weird Since 1957,” there is a frenzied obsession to know a person’s blood type. And you’d be surprised how abruptly you are refused getting laid, whilst more than halfway through undressed, the moment your blood type is known.



Orz | 05 Dec 2011
You’ve got to hand it to Japanese creativeness to come up with just three letters to represent your feelings of being defeated.




Riiight, the most expensive street in the world | 08 Dec 2011
Hong Kong has the dubious distinction of having the most expensive street address in the world, outgunning even New York City and London. But there’s a huge question mark as to how Hong Kong dresses up the street itself.


Remember the Gingerbread Man? | 09 Dec 2011
For those who are too young to remember (or too old to want to), here are two traditional English nursery rhymes (ditties).




I’m such a philistine | 10 Dec 2011
I grew up with wine, women and song. No, actually just the wine and crisps. And I have wine and crisps and cheese and buchettes and stuff in the office. Wine not too often, of course.




Wanna see what a tough guy looks like? | 10 Dec 2011
One bad dude for neglecting himself and his weapon, one badass dude for the wear and tear.


Back | 12 Dec 2011
That’s me, squished and squashed in the crowd five hours ago. The chick wriggling up and down in front me was, ahem, highly memorable.




Beat it, or eat it | 13 Dec 2011
Some of us have far too much time on our hands…


Clockenflap 2011: You’ll never believe what I’m telling you now | 20-23 Dec 2011
One commenter thoughtfully suggested this 3-part feature be renamed “The Phenomenology of the Concert Attendee” instead. Brain-damaged words plus full-blown pictures, so you don’t have to click, flick and dick around. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


Obligatory Christmassy post | 27 Dec 2011
Uncle Ebeneezer’s fare, doin’ Xmas wrong, punishing Xmas’ers and unboxing your Boxing Day all rolled into one.




And now, for something completely dif’FREAAAAAANNNNT! | 27-29 Dec 2011
Some of my posts during 2011 have even managed the nearly impossible feat of causing you to spurt out your snot and favourite beverage through your nostrils. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.


How to put national budgets into perspective | 29 Dec 2011
If we just learn to do basic housekeeping in the first place, then we wouldn’t be in such a fix right now.


So now we know, now we know | 29 Dec 2011
People who have a penchant for wearing their trousers/pants at bum level and think it’s a fashion statement, you might have caught your pants down on this one.


You need these pills to survive 2012 | 31 Dec 2011
Doctor’s orders: take two every day until morale improves. Or until the world end. Whichever occurs sooner.

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Definitely “Clockenflap 2011: You’ll never believe what I’m telling you now mainly because every time I read it back to myself, I recall all of the wonderful people I met there — including that chick who wriggled up and down in front of me.


The four-part feature “Things to beguile the charmless,” mainly because (rather unusually for a guy) I own a a charm bracelet myself and I can relate to why people would like to have a charm bracelet.

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None. Thankfully.


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(Ignore, unless you’re a stat wonk.)

Total pageviews:

Pageviews in December: 5,785, or an average of 187 clicks daily

Pageviews all time: 63,855

Busiest day in December: 10 Dec 2011 with 320 pageviews

Busiest day all time: 22 June 2010 with 505 pageviews

Total posts and comments:

Posts in December: 23

Posts to date: 823

Comments to date: 744

Average comment per month: 67

Most active comment day: 23 August 2011

Total pages: 13

Total categories: 15

Total tags: 849

Most viewed and commented post or page:

Most viewed in December:
How well do you know your guitars? (620 pageviews)

Most viewed this year (2011):
New party is no party, not new, not with-it (6,153 pageviews)

Most viewed all time:
Week 13 Roundup (11,348 pageviews)

Most commented in December:
These are not the vampires I’m looking for (6 comments)

Most commented all time:
Yahoo removes POP access unless you pay for it (28 comments)

Total shares:

Total shares to date: 112

Top shared post or page all time:
Facebook security problem (again) (45 shares)

Total subscribers/followers:

Total followers to date: 123 (excludes RSS subscribers) being:— blog followers: 32 comment followers: 15
Facebook followers: 76

New followers via 5 in December (32 to date)

New followers via email: nil in December (40 to date)

New followers via Facebook: 2 in December (76 to date)

Note: RSS subscriber stats are technically unobtainable.

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