Bad moon rising

Tuesday 10 January 2012, 1.08am HKT


At the IKEA bistro:

The effing bin is just next to the bench (top right hand corner, just out of view in the photo).

Need no crap of yours on the self-service drinks counter, thank you very much.

It isn’t going to throw itself away, is it? Shoving it into a corner isn’t going to hide it, is it?

You lot are one helluva filthy bunch of eaters.

The situation is getting worse by the day and it’s usually from the so-called ‘Post-80s‘ bunch who use ‘brain-disabled‘ language (腦殘躰).

I know one thing: you lot ain’t never going to be ‘post-brain-damaged.’

BTW, the proper English for 腦殘躰 (nǎo cán tǐ, literally ‘brain ruin script’) is ‘brain-damaged script.’ Not ‘brain-disabled script,’ you shameless mental paraplegic peasant. Learn your English better.

Umm, ‘scuse me. Why do you feel the need to invent another new phrase? We already have a phrase for ‘brain-disabled script’ for literally decades. The proper Chinese phrase is 腦壞文 (nǎo huài wén, literally ‘brain-damaged language’). You’re Chinese — learn your Chinese better.

At the Jusco Daiso store: Shoving your crap into wherever it’s convenient to you won’t earn you rezpectz.

Hongkongers, quit bitchin’ about mainlanders making a fuggin’ mess of our place. Look at the Man in the mirror first. You ain’t that much better yourself.

* * *

But there are staff and cleaners there to clean up. What’s the problem?

That’s not the point, my furry little friend. It’s the principle of the thing.

At a self-service establishment, you’re effing well supposed to clean up after yourself, not leave your proverbial Soochow Shit (苏州屎) for others to pick up after.

It’s even worse when you patronise the establishment not as a paying customer — and still leave your Soochow Shit brought in from outside for others to clear away.

Do you wipe your own arse after sh!tting or have someone wipe it for you?

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6 Responses to “Bad moon rising”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Back during my time as a Military Police DARE Officer, I recall how the kids in every school always knew to throw away their own lunch trash. No one gave it a thought. That is, until I started working the American school at the Bonn Embassy. What a bunch of slobs! The halls looked like a post-tornado debris field.


    • I’m (sort of) glad to know we’re not alone in bad habits…

      What the hell has happened? We (mostly) grew up knowing the need to clean up the crap after ourselves, usually without being told. We ironed our clothes, shined our shoes, take the rubbish out at night, etc. (while we grumbled about doing them). We trundled off to school and trundled back home just to argue the hell out with our parents about going out at night.

      Now, people just finish eating and walk away blithely as if nothing happened, and just skip class or home to hang out, not even bothering to argue with parents. Just what the hell happened?


  2. That’s an act I just don’t get at all. We have a restaurant around here where you’re actually SUPPOSED to leave your stuff on the table for someone to clear away, and I’m not even comfortable with doing it there! Maybe it has to do with how I was brought up (things like that just weren’t tolerated at the schools I attended on the Naval Air bases), but you’d really thing it would be a common courtesy and common SENSE thing to do! (Picking up after yourself, I mean, not leaving crap all over the place.) *Sigh* I’ve actually said something to some people (particularly teenage people) who do this. Oddly enough, when someone acknowledges what they’re doing they are pretty ashamed and pick it up.

    I’m going to start doing to them what I do to my cat when he’s in obvious sight and about to pounce at me… “I can SEE YOU!” in my most incredulous voice. >.<


  3. We can understand it in a normal restaurant and some special kinds of fast-food joints with ‘table service’ (like some Wimpy Burger shops in the UK). But, honestly, in a self-service bistro?

    Unfortunately, this is a rising trend here and it’s not limited to teens or youngsters. Our TV has reported this trend (on and off, not very seriously), but I remember one TV segment had this parent telling the reporter that it’s the school’s responsibility to teach kids clean habits. O rly? I don’t think so. Cleanliness starts at home.

    Many people don’t seem to realise that the moment we step outside the home, that’s our ‘public life.’

    My trick: pretend they’ve asked you where the bins are and say, “Oh, the bins are over there.” Doesn’t work on thick-skinned people.


    • By far and away that excuse of “it’s the school’s job!” is one of the most offensive things I come across. I’ll admit to being a somewhat dramatic person at times, but that’s a hot button every single time. “ARE YOU FRAKKING KIDDING ME?!” Yes. Frakk and all. I’ve done that.

      Oh, no. No, no. Cleanliness definitely starts at home. I kind of mussed up my point throwing the schooling bit in there, but regardless. That sort of thing just wasn’t done. Seeing it as a growing trend? Very, very irritating.

      I’m not even making sentences any more, so I’ll stop here.


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