Thai-style ginger mackerel with Venetian blood oranges

Monday 16 January 2012, 8.33am HKT

Looks like some of you nosey parkers esteemed readers are really keen about what nutritionally challenged food (and foot!) I put into my big mouth.

This was what I had in the early hours of last night/this morning (15th January).

(click on images for full size)

Thai-style Ginger Mackerel and Venetian Pauper’s Blood Oranges with Pumpernickel

Yes, folks, it’s another instalment of “The Naked Foodgrubber’s Guide to Lazy Snacks That Double as Abject Meals.”


1 tin of smoked mackerel in Thai ginger sauce (110 grammes)
1 Sunkist® California orange (they’re out of stock of blood oranges)
2-3 slices of German ‘pumpernickel’ ryebread (altogether 100-150 grammes)
red wine

black pepper (ground — not the greyish pepper powder we use in shakers)
thyme (chopped — fresh or from a bottle)
parsley (chopped — fresh or from a bottle)
sea salt (ordinary table salt is also fine)
olive oil (any kind you like best)


No cooking required. Just buy a tin of mackerel and move on as quickly as you can to the eating part. Only the orange part needs preparation. Serves one lazy person.

1. Cut away the orange skin and slice it (thick or thin as you like it).

2. Open the tin of mackerel, and carefully lay the lot onto the dish (as pictured). Make sure you don’t make a hash of it and the mackerel pieces end up like a car crash. Spoon the juice from the tin onto the mackerel.

3. Sprinkle black pepper, thymeparsley and salt to desired taste over the lot (especially over the orange slices), and dribble olive oil all over as much as desired.

4. Break out the pumpernickel and the vino tinto, making sure you don’t just do the boozing part.

5. Done!

I used breathtakingly ordinary oranges because the supermarket ran out of blood oranges.

Prepare it the same way as the Venetian Pauper’s Blood Orange Salad mentioned before.

Pumpernickel is a traditional German heavyweight ryebread made from coarsely ground rye, rye flour and whole rye berries. It is traditionally associated with the Westfalen (Westphalia) region of north Germany.

Please don’t ask why I was having German ryebread with Thai mackerel and Venetian oranges and Spanish red wine. (Just say I’m a philistine.)

You can use any sort of bread you want if there’s no pumpernickel available in your region.


Mackerel, 110-gramme (3½ oz.) tin, HK$10.90
Orange, HK$3
Pumpernickel, 500-gramme (1 lb.) pack, HK$30
Red wine, 750cc (25 US fluid oz.), HK$14.90

Cost of meal adjusted for portions = HK$25.90 (US$3.33 or £2.17)

Yes, folks, it ain’t cheap to live in Hong Kong!

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012. Images by me.

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