A hour’s worth of a chance of a lifetime

Sunday 12 February 2012, 2.35am HKT

It was a chance of a lifetime and it lasted just 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Headmaster and his missus was in town for just one day today (11 Feb.) on their ship cruise around Southeast Asia.

When you’re all grown up with a receding hairline, bits of grey eminence, abject whiskers and creaky bones, the chance to see your old headmaster again in your own town should never be missed.

After all, none of us are getting any younger.

‘No, sir, I wasn’t anywhere near the shed with that girl.’

Nothing’s changed. Only the windcheater has replaced the gown and the leather jacket the school blazer. It’s the same old pose.

‘Own up, boy! I saw you from the window upstairs!
Do you still deny it?’

Schoolboy with receding hairline (me!) becoming wobbly on being sussed out.

Note the hands placed respectfully and deferentially at the back for the ‘correct’ posture.

‘No, sir, it wasn’t a girl. It was a blow-up doll. It was made in England though.’

‘Alright, let you off this time – but only
because it 
was made in England!’

Robert and Frances Arthy at the Tin Hau Temple on Hong Kong Island for a few minutes, and then onwards on their own to Stanley, before they head back to the cruise liner by late afternoon.

They’ve only had half a day in town.

Frances told me things that made me think the UK has changed even more than I had originally thought since my last trip back in 2006 – but that’s another story.

Mr and Mrs Arthy will be travelling the width and breadth of Southeast Asia by cruise liner, calling at Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and various other countries.

I had some of ‘my people’ string along for the occasion because getting to see one’s Old Beak (and especially also his missus) is such a rarity after schooldays anyway and has incredible snob appeal.

And much fun was had by all that day.

(c) The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012. All photos by me.

8 Responses to “A hour’s worth of a chance of a lifetime”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    I had a friend once whom I always called “Mr. (Last Name)” because, even when he did something foolish, he managed to remain a bit regal.


  2. Aref Radjaei said

    Well I can say “they don’t make them like that any more”.
    Robert J Arthy is a great Gentleman and was a great headmaster.
    He was even gracious though firm with me even if the only three bust ups during the three years I was at Albany College were all mine. I don’t know why those incidences occurred since two incidences were with Lawrence D. and one with Nasser T. who were very good friends of mine outside of school. I guess school just brought out the the worst in me. Thank you Mister Arthy and thank you “The Naked Listener”.


  3. Naked listener, are you the “major”? If so how are you brother man?


  4. bob arthy said

    Good Morning Albany Students
    Your Headmaster hear….
    Well done Robert in re-living a few memories from the past
    and Aref too…
    Respectful Robert why don’t you organise a reunion in some far flung land so we Albanians could all meet up one more last time before ……


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