‘Memorised the ways to find fault’

Friday 24 February 2012, 9.09am HKT

 The ability to explain is not necessarily equated with knowing:—

I can do it right but can’t explain how. You can do it right and explain everything — so? Just because I can’t explain doesn’t mean I don’t know. I know what to do and how to do that’s actually correct, but because many people don’t know it’s correct, they think it’s wrong. You can spot and explain how things are wrong, but I don’t see you mostly able to ‘do it.’ All you could do is just memorise the ways to find fault. You don’t do faults — that’s because you can’t even ‘do,’ let alone make a mistake.”

(Overheard, 24 Feb 2012, 2.14am, McDonald’s)

(Free translation from the original Cantonese Chinese)

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Site Update: Further update to Testimonials

Friday 24 February 2012, 1.37am HKT


Dear all,

The Naked Listener is happy to further update the Testimonials page with one new entry as a token of my esteem.

I am very, very honoured to be included in the blogroll of Do What’s Right. The blogroll’s mission there states:

“… I link to those I believe would bless my readers, are engaging similar material, or simply because I think what they write about matters. …”

No better accolade could be had by anyone who writes/blogs as a lark, such that The Naked Listener’s Weblog has always meant to be.

Do What’s Right has sadly relocated his blog from WordPress.com to its own domain server because of the blog owner’s concerns over certain technical (as well as non-technical) aspects about running his blog on WordPress.com.

I highly recommend you pay Do What’s Right a visit. Basically, it discusses certain practical facets of the world around us from a religious viewpoint. My usual reads are anything but religious, but this one makes a lot of sense even with the religious value-added (and I reckon that’s what makes it brilliant). The old site still contains a wealth of material.

For the non-religious (or even the unreligious, like me), just make allowances for the religous portions and you’ll find the overall message still comes through loud, clear and sensible.

I just hope Do What’s Right‘s relocation wasn’t the result of my brain-damaged effort writing that frightful, fearsome, ghastly 6-part epic “You don’t blog?‘.

Aside: My own blogroll is being reconstructed and, if and when it comes out, it will include Do What’s Right.

Kind regards to all.

The Naked Listener

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012.

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