Recap of February stories

Friday 2 March 2012, 9.08am HKT

Updated 04 March 2012 to include missing entries.

Recap of posts published in February 2012 and stats.

Altogether 25 26 individual posts in February.



Do this if you should get fired: A lifehack exclusive | 01 Feb 2012
Protips on how you should face an immediate termination of employment, and the four most important questions you should ask the moment you get your pink slip. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

PERSONAL RATING: Unhappiest to write.


Notes: My firm was born today | 02 Feb 2012

I got shanghai’d into taking over a family business, and I’ve found nobody stupid enough to pinball it to.

PERSONAL RATING: The most needlessly pointless post.



Notes: Bikers in Hong Kong | 07 Feb 2012

Bikers, as a rule, are individualistic individuals. Hong Kong bikers are even more individualistic in their guidoism. Contains a gruesome reminder of what traffic safety is really about.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.


I plead forgiveness, only if you’ll do the same | 08 Feb 2012

I don’t mind the complaint or rant or whatchamacallit. But why not just comment on the bloody post itself?!?



A hour’s worth of a chance of a lifetime | 12 Feb 2012

It was the chance of a lifetime and it lasted only 1 hours and 15 minutes.

PERSONAL RATING: Happiest to write.



Maddox: ‘I hope SOPA passes’ | 14 Feb 2012

One of the world’s top bloggers zeroes in on the uselessness of the SOPA protests and peels aways the feel-good’ality of protesting.



Live to spend your wages? | 14 Feb 2012

How did it get up there? Next question: what’s not possible in China?



You don’t blog? 12 fabulous steps to start doing it | 6-part feature | 15-23 Feb 2012

A blog shows you can think. It’s your public image in the age of social media as well as a communications front to build or even repair your reputation. Read — it’s money in your pocket.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 and Part 6 and downloadable PDF notification.

PERSONAL RATING: With the most thinking done.


One lump or two, luv? | 17 Feb 2012

Ask a professional writer or a journalist, and 99% of the time they’ll tell you it’s one character space. Actually, you shouldn’t have to ask. You should have been tee’d up on it at your age.

(First sidebar to Part 4 of the “You don’t blog?” feature above relating to copydesk skills.)


A dead man’s switch for a live person | 23 Feb 2012

A DMS post is rather important if you live alone with only a sad raccoon and a diffident titmouse for company and nobody notices you got kidnapped or have died from extreme fellatio.

(Second sidebar to the “You don’t blog?” mega-feature above.)


‘Memorised the ways to find fault’ | 24 Feb 2012

The ability to explain is not necessarily equated with knowing or an ability to do.



You see, you see, told you so | 25 Feb 2012

The Naked Listener beats another writer in posting about the importance of having an About page on your website.



Flick review for Week 8 | 27 Feb 2012

Some bone-idle reader asked what flicks I watched and how I would review them. Being a spoilsport that I am, I reviewed some films in the most sensible manner I knew how.



Notes: Whole Earth Catalog, Spring 1969 | 28 Feb 2012

The analogue precursor of the Information Superhighway. If you liked the Whole Earth Catalog, you must be a little bit of hippie somewhere inside you — you’d be old enough to know at any rate.




Site Update: Testimonials | 23 Feb 2012
The Testimonials page updated with new entries and new formatting so as to help your pinpoint exactly where I’ve mangled or defamatorised your kind words to me.


Site Update: Further update to Testimonials | 24 Feb 2012
Updated with one more entry as a token of my esteem for a blog that has since relocated to its own domain server.




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(Ignore, unless you’re a stat wonk.)

The newly minted Stats page gives this month’s blog statistics:—

The stat monkeys at provided all the figures.


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  1. Ed Hurst said

    Yes, you and your blog have survived another month. Taking odds for the next one?


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