Lifehack: Fixing Chromium extension installs

Saturday 10 March 2012, 12.15am HKT

(Updated 10 Mar 2012 with correct software names)

IF YOU USE Chromium browser, some of you might have run into this problem:—

I can’t install apps. The ‘Add to Chrome’ button hangs at “Checking…”

I have the most up-to-date version of Chromium and my attempts to install Chrome extensions from Google Chrome Web Store always hang at “Checking.”

I’m on Windows XP (still!) and managed to install just two extensions (both related to email) but nothing else.

Chrome extensions are 100% compatible with Chromium, by the way.

I’ve fished around for a solution. I know a few of us Chromium users out there haven’t been able to install any kind of apps, extensions or themes. You get a variety of suggestions all over the Internet, some of which involve mucking around with extension names, renaming folders, editing certain system files, etc — let’s forget those.

Google Chrome Support doesn’t deal with Chromium matters, so pointless to ask them for help.


Solution (the automatic way)

After scouring the ’net many a night and dealing with the sheer frustration of it all, I’ve finally found a working solution:—

That link points to a user script (“Install Enabler”) invented by a software architect named digitaljhelms.

Install it. After you’re done, go back to the Chrome Web Store and it will be as if the problem never existed in the first place. All Chrome extensions will then install normally in Chromium.

Update 10/3:
The script is named “Install Enable [for Greasemonkey]” for use in Google Chrome for Mac. It will nonetheless install in Chrome and Chromium (with or without Greasemonkey) on Windows machines (Windows 2000 and higher).

Be sure to spread the word.


Solution (the manual way)

If you’re still having issues with Chrome extensions (on Chrome or chromium), try the manual way to install extensions:—

1. Go to (or copy and paste this URL into your browser address bar):—[EXTENSION_ID]%26uc%26lang%3Den-US

2. Copy and paste the extensions unique ID* into the address where it says [EXTENSION_ID] (without the [brackets] obviously).

* Extension unique IDs are always found at the end of their page address in the Chrome Web Store.

For example:

Tampermonkey’s address:

Tampermonkey’s unique ID is dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo

Copy that into the URL so it reads:

3. Press Enter key after the above steps. You should now see a warning box pop up in the bottom left corner of the browser.

4. In the warning box, click on Continue and the app/extension should install normally.

Be sure to spread the word.

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4 Responses to “Lifehack: Fixing Chromium extension installs”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    I tramped around in the extensions folder a few times on Linux because of things like this. I confirm your manual hack as working on several OSes.


  2. Mal said

    none of this was any good. noi addresses were “available”. invalid APPid


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