The Naked Listener moves to furlough the blog

Monday 12 March 2012, 1.54pm HKT


12.03pm local time / 12°C (53°F) cold and drizzly

The Naked Listener is making moves to furlough the blog.

Effective date is probably the Ides of March (a.k.a. 15 March 2012).

From then on, there will only be one static page for this blog (‘About’) until it is revived, if evah. Kinda depends on what I’ll be having for lunch in the next half hour.

I should hope my leave of absence is a temporary one, but it could turn out to be permanent, I’m sorry to say, considering the bad behaviour of people who:—

  • troll the site
  • troll me personally in real life
  • send all manners of hate mail to me personally
  • make derogatory insinuations about me in the real world
  • make snide remarks right in my physical face


Generally, though, I’ve had people telling me right in my physical face that whatever I say, write, do or think are:—

  • 廢話 (‘junk words’)
  • 無意義 (‘pointless’)
  • 無價值 (‘worthless’ or ‘without value’)
  • 洋腔洋調 (to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually derogatory) (idiom)

I even have the unique distinction of being accosted in the street on two separate occasions and almost threatened with physical violence if I didn’t “face facts” (unspecified) about two posts (if memory serves) that had absolutely nothing defamatory or hateful:—

Moreover, I have had one ‘personage’ haranguing me for over a year that I should remove “Naked” from my blog name because it was “uncharitable.” It’s just totally unreal.


I’ve been in white-hot anger mode for quite some time, for a variety of reasons and causes that are too long and complicated to explain.

“I would appreciate it if you yourselves would step back from your cheese and crackers for a moment and tell me exactly what your standards and expectations are for my presence to be acceptable.”

I’m kind of hard of hearing on my right ear too. Why don’t you tell it to me on my left ear instead?

I’m so bloody livid right now that I might just wipe this blog away just for the lulz immediately after this post. It all depends on what I have for lunch in the next half hour.


She didn't mind what I wrote

At the last count, I actually, personally, unequivocally wrote 911 posts (including this one), each averaging 1,500 words (and illustrated, no less) — plus two guestposts for others and one lovely post here from a guest blogger.

I won the Versatile Blogger Award in May last year, and the BBC actually unbelievably wrote a short piece about my getting it. See the blogroll at this website.

If the absence of this blog (as well as my own physical absence) is what you want and would give you pleasure and comfort, you got it.

It might not be your loss, but it ain’t my loss either.

Nobody said I wasn’t an accommodating person. Are you?


I am grateful to have a handful of good (and goodly) souls who have followed this blog and put in comments that I treasure. Altogether, these good followers made the whole crappy exercise actually worth the crap.

The Naked Listener

© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012.

Images: Mr Junk Words via Wula-Life | Left ear by me | Mixtape chick via Roodo.

8 Responses to “The Naked Listener moves to furlough the blog”

  1. Yaxue C. said

    WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE, I beg to know??

    I read and enjoy this blog for, among other things, its English that’s on spot, nibble, quick and graceful (yes, graceful even when it is cursing) that you don’t always find elsewhere.

    It will be a grave loss for me if you close it up.


  2. Ed Hurst said

    I won’t attempt to dissuade you, because I’m not there to see it for myself. Instead, I’ll ask simply: Keep in touch, my friend.


  3. The possibility of not having the opportunity to read your blog anymore is very sad to me, but I hate the thought of it being such a trial because of angry and hateful people. Not to mention threats of physical violence. O.o It really seems to be an “only you know” and “you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do” type of situation. Please know I’ve greatly enjoyed reading what you write, whether you continue or not. ^.^


    • Like I said in some of my posts, this blog is meant to be a lark for me. I mean obviously it’s not just the blog thing that was causing me upset – it’s many other things in real life, work, the general atmosphere of people nowadays in Hong Kong, etc that chewing me up. But the blog haters was the tipping point for me. The thing that really got to me was those two idiots who accosted me in the streets – I just don’t know how the hell they managed to recognise me and started criticising me right down my throat. It was just totally unreal to have to face that.


  4. NiubiCowboy said

    NL, although I may not comment that often, I do read the blog pretty regularly so I felt like adding my voice those of Ed’s, Drake’s and Yaxue’s. With our modern lives inundated with so much useless bullshit, it’s unbelievably refreshing to read the thoughts of someone who cuts through this overabundance of fecal matter like a world-renowned brain surgeon wielding a fucking chainsaw.

    So few writers these days are able to capture my attention because in an attempt to make their voices heard, they try so hard that their writing comes across as insincere. These kinds of writers strive more to make a name for themselves rather than create genuine connections with their readers through the ether. You, NL, are not one of those writers. In fact, you are the exact opposite of them.

    I came here for the lulz and I stayed here because you seem like one of those few people who are continually involved in their own process of becoming, refusing to accept things as they are both internally and externally. Whatever you choose to do will be the right decision, and we, your loyal readers, will support you either way.


    • Oh, trust me, man, I tried to ignore the crap. But when a person has to live in a place that’s under 300 square miles with 7.5. million people, the crap can easily get to yah. Thank you for following my blog – I don’t need to make a stinkin’ name for meself – I got me own stankin’ name already.

      You know, I could just imagine myself on reaching the Pearly Gates of Heaven or the Fiery Portals of Hell, and then good Mr G or bad Sir D is going to ask, “What have you done that I should keep you here and not send to the other side?” I could be given the Eternal Runaround not being able to answer that Ultimate Job Interview Question.


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