Site Update: Site’s live again!

Sunday 1 July 2012, 3.39pm HKT


Greetings, Programs!

This is just a site update advisory. This doesn’t count as first post after coming back.

The Naked Listener’s Weblog is pleased to announce that the site is back in full operation.

All previously published pages and menu navigation items are fully restored to their enduring hilarity glory and embarrassment popularity.

Indeed, many of the reinstated pages now sport new, ultra-awesome improvements, all carefully crafted in debonair style for maximum disposability reliability.

About page now carries new sections on:—

  • my mirror site
  • the blog’s theme
  • some pretentious words on comment policy
  • the illegalness of copyright
  • a pointless declaration on deleted items
  • and a standing offer to face-raep my haters

Comments left on that page during the leave of absence are retained (because they’re nice people).

About me page — self-explanatory: you know about this already.

About me (facts) page (a.k.a. ‘Random facts about me’) contains several more laughable random facts since its creation on 21 June 2012.

Mirror site is a brand-new menu item. It takes you straight to the Tumblr site via a new tab or window. Contrary to Tumblr’s mission as a provider of tumblelogs (i.e. quick and dirty streams of consciousness), the content at the mirror site is ALMOST identical to the main blog at WordPress. That site is an insurance policy in case the main site got pistol-whipped and ass-wiped.

Recaps is another new menu item. It filters all posts tagged ‘recap’ so it acts as a month-by-month index of stories published.

Twitter menu item takes you directly to my Twitter. Trouble is, I don’t tweet, there’s nothing much to tweet about, and it’s also damn expensive to tweet on the mobile phone in Hong Kong.

Why the furlough? is kept (for the time being) for its rantness. You’ve read the tales of vicious moronicity contained in there a thousand times already, so feel free to skip it.

Posts: about me, Posts: about me II, Posts: Lifehacks and Posts: Roundups are old navigation items (rebadged with new names) that filter out those categories or tags of posts.

Other than that, all previous posts are now operable and visible throughout the site — if that doesn’t sound too Nixon/Kissinger-speak.

TRIVIA: It just so happens that I ended the furlough on the 15th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule. The connection between the two is imaginary.

Be advised that the first post-furlough post will be brain-damaged.


The Naked Listener



© The Naked Listener’s Weblog, 2012. Image via c4c.

2 Responses to “Site Update: Site’s live again!”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    So how does one give appropriate notice of gratitude to the various deities you blame for this?


    • My patron deity is the god of UNFINISHED sentences, ergo, my gratitude is never finished. (Yeah, I know, it’s a cop-out.)

      Practically speaking, I make my deities roar with laughter by producing an unending piss-stream of brain-damaged posts … works for them so far…


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