Typhoon Vicente slammin’ – and we ain’t duckin’

Tuesday 24 July 2012, 1.45am HKT

11.27pm local time / Typhoon Signal No. 10 imminent

Tropical Storm Vicente (T1208/09W) is whupping our proverbial derrieres in Hong Kong right now.

The 130 kmph (81 mph) winds are whistling at the windows. The downpour is pelting down like hail. The townsfolk are scurrying and scrambling for cover as if the raindrops were JDAM missiles. The building is not rocking or swaying, thankfully.

It’s “Black Hawk Down” on TV right now. Sorry, is that a hint?

The typhoon (or generically ‘hurricane’ to our Western Hemispheric cousins) is heading northwest towards the Pearl River Delta. It’s around 100 km (63 miles or 54 nautical miles) south-by-southwest of Hong Kong.

Our esteemed (ex-Royal) Hong Kong Observatory (i.e. Meteorological Office) says (in highly mispronounced English and stilted Chinese by a chief scientific officer, no less) that radar and microwave imaging shows Typhoon Vicente to have a well-developed eye with an impressive eye wall, whatever the hell that means.

If you see the eye, give it a black eye! Don’t just sit around with your English phrasebook waiting to get bonked by Vicente. C’mon, people!

Some highly unartistic, uninspired and unworthable pictures of the street scene.

This looks calm enough, but the wind was farting all over the place at multi-Mach speed.

Normally, there are 100 times more people on the street on regular days/nights.

Doesn’t show how the rain is pissing down like hail.

It doesn’t look like it yet, but this street will become flooded calf-high by morning.


Looks like we’re gonna get a direct hit in two or three hours’ time.

Prepare your fishing hooks to fish me out of the ‘fragrant’ Hong Kong waters.

* * *


Typhoon (Storm) Signal No. 10 hoist at 12.45am local time.

T10 is equivalent to Beaufort Scale Force 12. This means sustained hurricane-force winds of 118 kmph (73 mph), with gusts of 220 kmph (138 mph). Eye of the typhoon may pass directly over Hong Kong.

Trivia: An overwhelming majority of buildings in Hong Kong are now built using concrete, and thus are able to withstand substantially higher wind speeds. But the windows aren’t though. Heh.



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3 Responses to “Typhoon Vicente slammin’ – and we ain’t duckin’”

  1. There’s a whole lot of thunking and bonking noises going on right now in the building too. Pretty sure they’re not human bonking noises…


  2. Ed Hurst said

    I was hoping you would address the typhoon after I read about how bad HK was being hammered. We seldom see straight-line winds like that; ours have a tendency to twirl rapidly and make tornadoes. Aside from the pain it gives other folks, I find extreme weather an adventure and challenge, not a hassle.


    • Actually, the typhoon hadn’t caused much damage. I’ve been around several districts and I saw no damage, aside from the odd uprooted shrub or singular broken neon sign. Oh, yeah, we were hammered, for sure, but virtually everything here is either concrete or steel, most things stay put.

      The twirly and swirly winds of any typhoon hitting Hong Kong are usually ‘blocked’ by the Philippines, and, frankly, they often end up on the bog end of the stick and deserve sympathy.

      Like you, I also find it a bit of an adventure (preferably minus the dangling neon signs).


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