Recap of stories for June and July

Tuesday 31 July 2012, 11.59pm HKT

THIRTEEN stories and two site updates published in June and July 2012.



Sign to ‘re-rez’ | 30 June 2012

In the dead of night during a Force 8 gale, my patron deity sent me a sign to end the 3½ months’ leave of absence for this blog.


Site Update: Site’s live again! | 01 July 2012

Announcing the site is back in full operation, plus some pretentious words about newly added and rebadged navigation items.


They walk among us, really they do | 03 July 2012

Two days before I re-unfurled this fantasmagorical blog, I got sucked into a faggotistical dialogue.


How old are you young now? | 05 July 2012

If most of us are going to be alive for only 4,000 weeks, then we’re talking about spending one-third of our lives just learning The Basics.


Two years’ walking |15 July 2012

Two years after spending 37 months in crutches from a busted pelvis after being run into by a pedestrian, even the signs designed for the handicapped are retarded, among other indicators of retardation.


Peeler peeled | 17 July 2012

Here’s a really good comeback to those who habitually call others over-sensitive.



My ‘suckeriferous’ vanity fannybag | 19 July 2012

What weird little list of achievements have racked up (or even wracked over) so far? Any that moved mountains, or just the coffee table? Do any show that you’re still doing something?


Typhoon Vicente slammin’ – and we ain’t duckin’ | 24 July 2012

Tropical Storm Vicente whupped the proverbial derriere of Hong Kong with 130 kmph winds and downpours that pelted down like hail. The townsfolk scurried for cover as if the raindrops were JDAM missiles.


Caveat laudatur | 26 July 2012

You know “caveat emptor” and “caveat venditor” already. Try “caveat laudatur” and “cave laudes.” Why? Because I’m not a happy bunny with something that sounds good.


‘People want to hear the…’ | 27 July 2012

Roger Daltrey on the forthcoming Quadrophenia North American The Who Tour later this year. It’s more than just about music, if you think about it.


A mathwonk writes a love letter | 27 July 2012

Our cousins around the Indian subcontinent are head over heels about stuff like this. See if it adds up for you.



Chinese bowls | 27 July 2012

Hat tip to friend Ellie for a super concise but highly enlightening look at the cultural dynamics of our chinaware.



Did you realise Mick Jagger’s 69 already? | 28 July 2012

The English rockstar and wartime baby looks not one bit his age. And he’s still way younger and ‘with-it’ than most of us.



School life, then and now | 29 July 2012

Not only have we lost our innocence, we’ve gone stark raving barmy with your school life. An old joke that’s become more than real for some of us.





Site Update: Site’s live again! | 01 July 2012

Site update: Front Page | 19 July 2012



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