Recap of stories for August

Thursday 6 September 2012, 9.46am HKT

NINE stories and nil site updates published in August 2012.



‘Wise up for now’ | 02 Aug 2012

Stark raving reality from the war years.



Weather, roasted alive | 02 Aug 2012

We have totally inaccurate conceptualisations about how hot, cold, dry or wet the weather can get. To make matters worse, the authorities never learnt the first principle of public announcements to help us out.


Reminiscences: Week 31 | 04 Aug 2012

For use in case of cultural discomfort, one abbreviation, two shires, a lethal brolly, a crap vision aid, a puppet that can stand better than me, and a flying god.



Reminiscences: Week 32 | 12 Aug 2012

Brain-damaged advice on anger management, the Trentadue for swinging tits, best friends and worst enemies, a helluva typographical mistake, and souls sold down the river.



‘Fourteen months’ | Incoming guestpost | 19 Aug 2012

Incoming guestpost: Memories and impressions retained and revived elicit some of the most powerful emotions inside us — often creating directions in life for us too. For some, reminiscences can become signposts for our destiny. For others, they may well be the very stuff of destiny that a person meets on the road to avoid it.


Rurdy-Turdy Thursday: One Word Answer | 23 Aug 2012

Shut up, and keep talking! If you don’t know the answers, you might as well just answer the questions. Debut article to kick off this new posting category.


Deep end: the difficulty of learning languages |

Outgoing guestpost: “THE biggest problem facing anyone learning a language boils down to just one line: …”

A highly ‘alternative’ view of language learning in this exclusive article for Yago, a commercial portal for various language programmes in Singapore. Published on 24 Aug 2012.


R.I.P. Moonman | 26 Aug 2012

American astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away, aged 82, and closing the chapter for a whole generation of people.



A better life | 29 Aug 2012

For those of us who have a talent for self-limitation, take a leaf from grandpa.



Bad influence | 30 Aug 2012

Your goddamn virtues had better not be bad influences.





No site updates for August.



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