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A week ago (15 March) was one year ago that I furloughed this blog for 108 days (or 15 weeks). For reasons I can’t get into right now, I’ve been trawling for the lowdown on the oldest, still-running blogs on the Web.

man smoking light-it-up-in-milan-italy-style

Needs a fag break even before starting…

The Naked Listener’s Weblog has been in continuous online existence since 1999 in one form or another on various hosting platforms.

Through the Internet, everyone regardless of sex drive, mental age or racist disposition has the opportunity to shape and shaft the future.

Not what was envisioned, but there we are…

Someone, somewhere, some time must’ve created the first blog — just not sure who exactly. The Web is a giant sprawl, inherently unregulated, and that nature makes it hard to get a handle on which of the bazillions of blogs out there is in fact The Oldest.

No one out there has genuine verifiable proof that they’re the oldest. Everyone — yours truly included — is claiming they’re the oldest.

Most generally agree that Justin Hall, Jerry Pournelle and Dave Winer were the first bloggers, all active since around 1994 — yet I’ve personally seen online diaries with reverse-timestamped entries on the Web since at least 1989.

And if we count in ‘gloggers’ (remember them?), then that bunch of Terminator fetishists might well have pre-dated Hall & Co. by a few more years.

monkey chick NqhQG

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
— Andy Warhol, 1968

Most people like myself started putting up online diaries almost from Day One of the Infobahn (remember that name?) the moment computers, modems and dial-up services became fast enough and cheap enough.

But because of host-switching, forgetfulness in making site backups or some other negligence, most of us no longer have anything from our earliest online days for proving our being the oldest of anything … or our innocence.

Indeed, anything we non-technical types used to do online pre-2004 is now mostly lost to ‘Ethernity.’


Lining up to read your stuff…

There are serious bragging and chick-pulling rights to be had by the person who can prove to have blogged in the by-now-familiar bloggy way first.

Blogging isn’t one of the Internet’s — or Life’s — highest achievements, but what the heck, nobody’s perfect. In the general scheme of things it’s the nine days o’ wonder that we could at least call our own.

That can’t be bad, can it?



videotape says-it_com

Part 2: The Naked Listener’s Crash Course in Internet History

And a very personal one too…



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