Redefining our ‘redefinables’

Sunday 16 June 2013, 12.22am HKT

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EVEN the Guitar and Bass Drums Brigade knows what’s what and what’s not about the current fracas with national ‘insecurity.’

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ONE MORE TIME — let’s stop trying to redefine this is in some way that works for us in 2013; it does not, and this rule still applies:—

‘Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither’

Read it one more time.

NSA Surveillance, over 50% of Americans being OK with the fact that they’re being spied upon??! You’re not getting it.

I don’t care how many so-called plots they say they’ve foiled — I’m never, ever OK with trading liberty with security. People die, people hate, people also get run over by cars, and sometimes struck by lightning. There is no such thing as complete safety and for those of you that think you’re getting safety — think again.

You can’t secure 300 million people.

If someone wants to blow up a few hundred people — they’re gonna do it, and succeed eventually — get over it.

Thousands of people die due to gun accidents every year — nobody cares. People die of cancer — nobody cares. Car accidents, medical malpractice — literally thousands and thousands of people die every year that we could prevent — but we don’t.

Why would we try and prevent something unpreventable and live like we’re in the ’50s and in some kind of Red Scare? I ain’t scared — I’m just scared that nobody gets the fact that you’re collectively having the wool pulled over your eyes.

Alex Jones — bullshit. Fox News — bullshit. Most U.S. news outlets are bullshit. Follow the FACTS — not what someone says. Inform yourself, people — do a bit of history reading so you comprehend what’s going on. Then go and read “1984” and tell me if you’re freaked out at all yet — and how much longer you want to continue to enable the madness.

If we’re going to fight “terrorism,” let’s do a full sweep — let’s fight cancer, poverty, malnutrition, horrible education — let’s fight all of that JUST like we fight this supposed enemy.

If this becomes our new overall enemy, I too will start to fight. But until that happens, I will continue to remind people that everything you hear when it comes to ‘security’ is a farce.

— An American DJ speaks his mind about the NSA whistleblowing furore, 15 June 2013


Collateral Corollaries

All from the 100% musical types who actually have no time and no inclination about politics:—


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“The stupidity of people is just hard to take at times, man — people ready to start a revolution over losing their guns but, hey, we’re being spied [on] more than Germans were under Nazi rule.”


jesus now works for the nsa

So Jesus is now working for the NSA?

“The continual scaremongering is getting out of hand — it makes me laugh when people talk about terrorists being brainwashed to hate and murder — what do you think is happening to YOU every day, drip, drip, drip …? Open your eyes, people!”


truth mainstream media 1517089734_n

“A direct result of the politic of fear (the same is in action in [the] EU), with a rhetoric of external and internal enemies, and defending a fictional national and cultural homogeneity.”


Siri doesnt deny it Imgur

“Even the ‘tinfoil hat brigade’ don’t seem to get it! Just business as usual. Now if the ‘foreign’ data [collected by the USA] is being shared with the UK, does that mean that the UK has access to its own people’s data without legal subpoena? Is the UK being given access to foreign and USA data, and in turn sharing parts of it back to the USA — in effect allowing the USA to bypass the ‘foreign-only’ clause? Am I going too deep?”


morticia imgur

Whose normal life are you living?

Whenever I hear someone says ‘I have nothing to hide,’ I get angry. Because they don’t get [it] that this isn’t about having anything to hide or not. It’s about privacy rights, and how the government is removing all our rights to fight terrorism. I’m sorry, more people die from OD’ing on prescription medicine in Florida in a year than in the whole history of terrorism in [the] U.S. I don’t see anyone declaring war on pharmaceuticals. War On Terror creates more terror — not less — while at times actively bullies a civilian population. Let’s see the U.S. going around lecturing China about the need to respect privacy rights.”


comeback be thankful soon nothing 1371214277247

“I remember watching the news when China had the Olympics [in 2008]. The outcry ‘We could never live like those poor people’ — the Great China Firewall, state-controlled media, etc. It’s no different for us — we live just like [they do] now — they are probably reading the same stories now, thinking ‘Those poor bastards, they have no idea…’ Hah.”


black toilet paper imgur

The actual worth of ‘black ops’

“Great point, I forgot about the actual number of people that die from terrorism. The fact that more people die from police shootings, alcohol, high blood pressure and so forth are never talked about. Fear is, and has always been, a great way to sway the people. It’s a lot more scary to think about a bombing than a cop or cheeseburger killing you…


What the hell are we actually defending?

vintage canadians training for trench warfare in france 1371213752081

They died so that WE may have a BETTER life

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6 Responses to “Redefining our ‘redefinables’”

  1. lawmrh said

    Provocative, well articulated post! However, the reality is that we’ve already sold our privacy souls to social media. See, for instance,

    People are either in blissful ignorance of what they are sharing with the world or they just don’t give a flying rip about it. Though, I am still resisting Facebook, I realize full well I am the dying salmon swimming against the relentless social media stream.

    This, of course, doesn’t make right what the government does — even if it’s supposedly being done per the USA Patriot Act and sanctified by the incense and holy water dispensed by the United States Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) under 50 USC Sect 1803.

    As a final aside, I don’t know about you — but in one of those “W.T.F.” moments — it bugs the hell out of me that Edward Snowden, a non-GED high school dropout, was profligately being paid $200,000 simoleons in annual salary by our financially reckless federal government. The easiest money to spend continues to be somebody else’s — the taxpayers.

    – Mo


    • I completely agree with your assessment of the current dysfunctional state of privacy, rights, etc. I myself have bought into (sold out?) my privacy to Facebroke and social media in my blissfully ignorant exchange to connect with my far-away ex-schoolmates and other unhinged individuals.

      I like your phraseology of “sanctified by the incense and holy water” about FISA – that puts it rather well into a nutshell of what’s really going on (and gone wrong) with ALL the countries around the world.

      About Snowden’s pay packet of $200K, well, what can I say? I’m happy for anyone getting that kind of money, dropout or no dropout. But I get your drift. But one has to wonder out of common sense the actual competence of an organisation (commercial, government or anything else) paying an employee that level of remuneration to do that kind of pointless work.

      I say pointless work not out of anything but (in my own small way) from personal experience. Back when I was in the UK in the 1970s and 80s, we had IRA bombing runs practically every Thursday – the proverbial P.A.Y.E. (Pay As You Earn) payday. The Old Bill (police) managed to arrest four-fifths of the culprits within weeks – and the Irish, despite the jokes, aren’t dumbarses either. If we had THAT plus MORE privacy fully 30 years ago with LESS high-tech surveillance, what the hell is the point or worth of our current surveillance?

      The security services of ALL our countries monitor every little thing we do (including how much toilet paper we REFUSE to use), and yet they’ve all been unable to stave off simple things like the Financial Tsunami of 2007-08, the two idiots of the Boston bombing, etc. You see my point?

      Honestly, I’ll be increasing the budget on my annual investment portfolio on toilet-paper companies from now on…


  2. Ed Hurst said

    Worse, I tend to think Snowden is a PsyOp himself. But who knows, eh?


  3. lawmrh said

    One more add on FISA — for filing under plausible legitimate legality: “FISA Court Has Rejected .03 Percent Of All Government Surveillance Requests”


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