Adam and Eve’s children is kind of a risqué topic

Monday 7 April 2014, 12.00pm HKT

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A friend of mine was asking me a rather profound theological question on my social feed today. I gave her an uncharacteristically profound theological answer.

demotiv adam and eve

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FRIEND: Errrrr…… How did Adam and Eve’s children have their own children???

Yes, the Bible’s official position is three boys first (Cain, Abel and Seth) and then “other sons and daughters” (Genesis 5:4). Sorry, I misread your post. How, right? Well, you know, the ‘regular’ way, I suppose.

(Readers please feel free to correct me here.)

FRIEND: Robert, what I have been thinking is they will have to marry each other, which means brother-n-sister marriage (incestuous marriages). And what about the DNA genetic prob???

In church doctrine, they’re officially not siblings. Adam was made from dust, and Eve from a part of him. In that sense, it’s more like father and daughter. But the church will go nuts to hear that, so it says Adam and Eve are outside the normal channels of relationships. DNA-wise, it’s irrelevant to them — they’re both soil anyway.

Sorry, I just realised the point of your original question. Yeah, Adam and Eve’s children get to have children too. Yeah, doing the “iThing,” unfortunately. And that’s why we are not immortal…

FRIEND: More precisely, if Adam and are both soil, then HE the real man, the REAL human being ’coz he ate meat finally.

You certainly have a point there about “ate meat finally.” *wink-wink*

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We work with the hand we’ve been dealt with…

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2 Responses to “Adam and Eve’s children is kind of a risqué topic”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Naturally, my answer is: It depends on whether or not you want to take the whole thing literally. Then, we have the advisory that genetic science indicates the threat of inbreeding was insignificant with the first handful of folks because DNA had not yet degraded to the point it has now. Strictly speaking, the only place where incest is specifically called a sin is inside the Covenant of Moses, which doesn’t necessarily apply outside that covenant. It’s in some ways a reaction against established pagan practices. Otherwise, it’s just a long-standing human taboo. Lots of historic threads on that question and hard to trace quickly.


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