Bats this morning

Sunday 29 June 2014, 8.33pm HKT

7.38pm local time, 31°C (88°F), raining all day

THE bats came out of the woodwork this dreary morning.

Batmobiles, I mean. Props from the latest Batman movie comes to town, at the Times Square shopping complex in Causeway Bay.

batmobile 01

I nearly didn’t notice this thing sitting there from doing the morning groceries.

I think there’s a real, working, driveable car underneath that get-up.

batmobile 02

Run-over-my-gammy-legs frontal view.

The security bovver boys had to put up the barriers because passers-by were virtually tearing the thing to pieces.

batmobile 03

Ah! A slightly more edifying view.

The wet floor made the thing look really nice.

batmobile 04

More to my taste — the Batbike … err, Batcycle … err, whatever.

Half a dozen tourists from mainland China demanded to sit on the thing for their pictures. Security said no, they haggled, until someone just blurted out, “It’s fake. It can’t be sat on.” End of sentence.

batmobile 10

Don’t know what this thing is properly called — Bat Beetle? Batborghini? Batrarri? BatAPC?

Drive one of these things (if it were real) and basically you’re asking to be attacked. You can always tell who’s sniffing for a fight by the way they dress and put themselves across.

batmobile 09

It’s shite design!

You can tell from the unsmooth, un-aerodynamic design that it ain’t gonna work other than just Manhattan, at a certain time at night, against just one or two types of supervillains.

Other than that, it’s gonna rust like Ford (“First On Rust and Deterioration”) in the soupy heat, humidity and rain of this subtropical place called Hong Kong.

Can’t see shite either, come to think of it.

batmobile 05

D’you see the mecha spaghetti hanging out like mad from the back end?

Imagine the maintenance cost.

batmobile 08

Mind you, the wheels look schweet.

The picture doesn’t show how bloody mean those wheels are in real life.

batmobile 08

Clearly, someone recycled Darth Vader’s kit without telling him for Batman’s ride.

Or maybe Vader just got tired of all the bullshit trying to look through his visor all the time, and sold the lot to Batman for scrap.

batmobile 11

Where’s the droid we’re looking for?

batmobile 12

Batfink is up there, mate.

No, that’s not an anvil, thankyouverymuch.

TRIVIA:— I’m not a Batman fan. I’m into The Riddler, actually. @_@

All photos by me, if it could be believed at all.


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2 Responses to “Bats this morning”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Primary design consideration is: How outlandish can we make it and still roll forward?


  2. Ray H said

    Love Times Square! Everytime I go there a pleasant surprise, especially when Batman-related :)


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