This isn’t the time to wear thermal underwear

Thursday 3 July 2014, 5.38am HKT

3am local time, 27°C (81°F), fine

trees in victoria park DSC3797 2014-0702

Trees in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, in the 33°C (91°F) blazing sun


Headline and pic totally unrelated to this post.

I meant to keep the packet of those two stubby Migros ballpoint pens intact and unopened as a kind of Heirlooms of the Future. (See my previous post.)

But my own curiosity, like the curiosity that killed the cat, got the better of me and I just had to breach the package.


The blue bits on the red Migros is actually dark bluish-purple.

(Click image for full size)

I know pen aficionados and a few pen websites out there will appreciate the extra pictures of my two stubby pens.


Migros vs. Schoen. (Click image for full size)

The Migros is 65mm long × 12mm diameter (2½ inches × ∅ ½ inch).

The full-size Schoen is one of my three regular pens, also made of acrylic resin. Size 125mm long × ∅ 10mm (5 inches ×  ∅ ca. ½ inch).

(I have three Schoens — in red, white and boring.) @_@ (Here they are.)


Made in India, and the acrylic quality and general finishing are high.

The clutch, clip and cone-head are all metallic in chrome finish.

(Click image for full size)

The refills are the oddity — a shortened version of the standard Parker ballpoint refill. My guess is I’ll never be able to get refills for these babies.

But — and a happy ‘but’ — it’s quite easy in Hong Kong to get hold of half-filled plastic version of the Parker refill. Chop that off half-sized and it’ll fit the Migros. In any case, I’ve got two dozen of those plastic refills in the drawer right now.

“It’s not a problem until it’s a problem.” — The Colony (2013).


The two sisters. (Click image for full size)

Yup, nearly all my good pens are feminine.

Without a proper studio setup, I couldn’t make the picture show the second pen’s nice bluish-purple resin. It’s too late in the night, I’m too lazy anyway — and the horror movie “Possession” is on telly — so no way I’m going to the storeroom to fetch out the lights and stuff.

I tell you, these two now look like those magnum rifle rounds that the British used for hunting big game in India before the First World War. I don’t know why this occurred to me.


Two in hand is better than one. (Click image for super-sized original)

I’ve just discovered I’m feeling rather attached to this red baby fatso.

For a 2½-incher, these babies are clearly not for extended writing. They’re just for quick jots.

Their roundish, fattish shape gives a great feeling in the palm. Trouble is, their nice ‘feel’ is such that I might end up always trying to ‘feel’ them in the pocket, and that could be … ahem … a bit inappropriate sometimes, if you get my meaning.

But why not just use a pencil stub? Why the get-up?

No special reason. The pencil stub is good. But why not these babies, now that I’ve got them?

Are you actually going to use one of these things, ak-choo-ully?

Probably not. I’d probably be constantly feeling them up in the pocket. *smirk*


What the hell has the headline got to do with this post anyway?

Nothing. Just a thought that suddenly came to me when I was putting one of the Migros into my pocket for testing. Just ignore me.


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3 Responses to “This isn’t the time to wear thermal underwear”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    Title is correct nonetheless. This time of year in Oklahoma I live in short pants. That’s how it is when you are retired.


  2. Very good point about weather and clothing!


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