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The Evil Sandwich

Americans and Chinese living abroad are the ones who will ask what your ‘comfort food’ is.

It sounds almost as if they’re unhappy or or sad or something living overseas — as if they’re on some hardship posting whilst on corporate relocation package, superannuation, etc, etc, etc. Never mind. Money cannot buy happiness, after all.

So what is my favourite comfort food in my locality or country?

On guard - Imgur

“Are.” Pluralise, please.

I have a great range of comfort foods because of my growing up in 13 different countries around the world. Live in enough places and your tastebuds change without you realising.

I’m working my butt off here. There are just so many foods that are comforting to me.


guinea fowl wikipedia

At the ‘luxury’ level, it’s roasted guineafowl with madeira and spiced oranges, served with roasted Round Red potatoes seasoned with dill, parley, leaf basil and thyme. With Warre’s 1963 vintage port quaffed in the ‘English’ manner — pewter tankards.

(A traditional English tankard for port is made of pewter with a glass bottom and the size of a standard 330cc can of soda.)


I prefer it cooked rather than live and cuckling, actually

FYI, Warre’s 1963 port can’t be had for love nor money … well, you can for £200 to £500 a 750cc bottle (US$300 to US$758).

Back in 1981 in London, it was only £25 a bottle from Harrods.


mini pork pie with piccalilli

More down to earth at the ‘regular folks’ level, it’s the English pork pie with piccalilli or some other kind of pickle.

With cider or some kind of strong ale. *burp*


french onion soup

Continental-wise, it’s French onion soup with cider. Exactly as shown above, with those pieces of bread and that soup dish. Spoon’s handy too.

Or this…

panforte morbido 03

The Italian panforte morbido, an after-meal sweet — with strong black coffee (“black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love,” as the Turks say).

I prefer the Florentine version over the original Siennese recipe. You can read about this fetish of mine here: Panforte morbido.

By the way, don’t order a cappuccino with a meal when you’re in Italy. It’s bad manners.


salt beef sandwich

I also have a penchant for salt beef sandwich, made especially in the Ashkenazi Jewish style with rye bagel and gherkins, and served with chickpea soup.

My Jewish classmates got me hooked on this, and I can’t forgive them (but I do).


wine and crisps

Unfortunately for me, all of the above are CRIMINALLY EXPENSIVE in my City of Stairs a.k.a. Hong Kong.

So now my undeserving comfort food is just crisps with red wine — because I’m a philistine at heart!

stock comfort food cheese

“A piece of heaven…” — Ben Gunn in ‘Treasure Island’ (1883)

*weeps* *stomach grumbling*

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All images by me except: The Evil Sandwich via c4c | On Guard via imgur | Guinea hen via Wikipedia | Mini pork pies with piccalilli via BBC Good Food | French onion soup with cider via taste.com.au | Salt beef sandwich via growlingbelly. Featured image via Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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4 Responses to “Which comfort food?”

  1. Ed Hurst said

    I’m not complaining, mind you, but my body no longer digests my favorite foods without … er, some violence. No grains except organic maize and rice. My beloved pancakes are forever gone from my plate. I’m okay with a bacon-burger sans bun and fresh cooked “french fries” on the side. I’ll bet we could drink coffee from the same pot, though.

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  2. Going back to the UK later in the month, with plans to eat my own body weight in cheese.

    Liked by 1 person

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