Babe artwork: The plumbing

Monday 20 July 2015, 12.01am HKT

8.55pm local time, AC on so it’s 19°C (66°F)

JUST a few potato shots of how I crank out my ‘art’ (and things that pretend to be Art).

‘Crank’ being the operative word — ‘mixed media’ would be the preferred artistically pretentious description, but a helluva lot of in-between shortcuts and cheating might be a more realistic one. ‘Crap’ is perhaps more honest.

(Click images for full size)

artwork babe 1st start DSC6918

In the beginning, F0 size canvas board with pencil keyline filled in with ink later.

Followers of The Naked Listener’s Weblog will have noticed that I have a particular penchant for contourised keyline artwork.

Yes, very Seventies flavour.

The unfinished product makes Vader Brows seem like he’s mouthing McEnroe’s iconic line:—

“You have GOT to be kidding! You are THE PITS!”

artwork babe 2nd detail DSC6919

Notice this kind of board is supposed to be for oils and acrylics, not graphic keylines.

For keylines, I ought to be using a smooth surfaced medium with a ‘sized’ (clayed) surface treatment.

Then again, I use whatever the heck is close at hand. And I mean WHATEVER.

Notice the fuzzed-up, effed-up lines because of the board texture. Now that’s “Art.”

artwork babe 3rd final DSC6920

Almost there…

I told you — I’m untrained and unschooled in art.

I might be a con artist because of making an honest living working in close proximity to crooks the likes of b(w)ankers, liars (lawyers), acc(o)untants and strange cattle known as government regulators — but an artist I am not (or ever hope to be).

thenakedlistener babe art DSC6930

Yours truly (not quite naked yet) and “Babe in Ink.”

A smaller picture just to be kind and not spoil your dinner. *Urrrghhh*

Notice that I’m growing even thinner than my already rail-thin frame.

Sorry for the potato quality — of both the picture and myself!

art babe pen and ink 2015 0718

Babe in Ink

Ink on canvas board, 14 x 18 cm (5½ x 7 in)

© thenakedlistener, 19 July 2015

Not too shabby, considering it’s done on a gammy right shoulder from a bloomin’ philistine who’s into crisps with red wine.

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